Catching up with Teen Mom 3′s Mackenzie McKee


We’re continuing our “Catching Up With the Ladies of Teen Mom 3” series today by chatting with Mackenzie Douthit.

One of the last times we heard from the Oklahoma mom-of-two was when she and husband Josh McKee were recovering from a home break-in just days after welcoming daughter Jaxie. Now, a few months later, the family seems to have come through stronger than ever…

How are Gannon and Jaxie?

The kids are wonderful! I fall more and more in love with them everyday. Gannon is such a big boy and wants nothing more than to be a cowboy.

Besides being a busy mom, what have you been up to lately?

Other than chasing Gannon, breastfeeding full-time and changing diapers, I have an online store called MackenziesMakings on Etsy and I spend a lot of my time doing that. I’m at a different rodeo every weekend with Josh.

Mackenzie Douthit - Son Gannon McKee - Josh McKee

Every night me and Josh take some time to go workout. Soon I will be starting a YouTube channel with my personal workout routines. It’s very important for me to stay fit and live healthy. (Note: As we can see in her amazing post-baby swimsuit pictures!)

Now that you have a little distance, do you regret appearing on 16 & Pregnant and/or Teen Mom 3?

I do not regret any of being on MTV. It was a wonderful experience and made me a stronger person. I always love to help people through their own struggles in life with what I learned going through mine… And getting to know Katie, Alex and Brianna was beyond words.

What do you think you’ll miss the most about being on a reality TV series?

I will miss getting to share my story. When they were filming for Teen Mom 3 were some of the darkest days of my life… So much was going on people have no clue. It was hard going through all that and having to wake up and share it with the world. But I knew I had to be real in order for people to relate. You guys got to see the worst of my relationship with Josh and I hope they never get that way again.

Mackenzie McKee Family Now

What do you think you’ll miss the least about being on a reality TV series?

There were a few people from my hometown who would search for the smallest mistake I would make and jump on it. [They were] writing paragraphs about me, trying their hardest to get everyone to hate me just because I’m on TV. I tried to explain I’m just a normal person, just like everyone else… I am human, I am a sinner just like you.

One of the girls [was someone] I have never had a conversation with in my life. She got so rude as to sending me a private message explaining the world hates me, I just have friends because I’m on TV. [That] made all of my friends, family and others furious. But, I guess being in the spotlight comes with people like that. Other than those two or three people everyone else was very good to me and supportive.

What’s your advice for dealing with people who tried to bring you down?

Smart people have haters, dumb people have haters, famous people, nobodies, singers, reality stars, famous people, straights, gays… We all have haters! But, we are all human. All you can do is smile and live your life the way you want to. The people who have bad things to say are unhappy with themselves, so just let them be. Arguing back only puts you on their level.

What do you think about MTV’s decision to continue with their 16 & Pregnant docuseries?

I’d be lying if I said I agree on them continuing to do 16 & Pregnant.

Mackenzie Douthit - Josh McKee Now

How is your relationship with Josh?

Me and Josh took the big step in life by getting married and having another baby. It was really hard to adjust at first… It took a lot of growing up. We had never lived together before and I had to finally start standing up to him. I told him I would not be with him if he doesn’t work — and he got a job within days! He does drywall and sheetrock and rodeos on the weekends. He has turned into a fine, young, hardworking, handsome man if you ask me!

He has taught me a lot about myself and has become my protector, my prince and my best friend. I tell him all the time what a crappy boyfriend he was and I never know why I stayed… But I did and I thank God everyday that I did because he is the best husband I could ask for.

The day our daughter was born, I saw a love in his eyes I never saw. We could have her without cameras and it was nice, peaceful and we could relax. He held her the whole time and I knew right then that she’s daddy’s little girl and no one will ever mess with her. I can honestly say she has changed him a lot… The day she was born I fell in love with Josh a lot more than before.

Photo of Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie McKee's newborn daughter Jaxie Taylor McKee and dad Josh McKee

He has learned how to care for a family the way a man should. Just took him a while… And me as well. We were just 16 when Gannon was born!

What are your plans as a family?

Our main focus in life as a family is that we are all always happy and having fun. We know we want to save up some money and move down south around Texas one day. It just takes time.

We don’t make much money at all. I still tumble and stunt, but don’t exactly have the money or time to be on teams. Josh rodeos and plans to for some time, but he always takes me and the kids with him. We’re his cheer team on the side — always cheering him on, whether he is winning or losing.

How is motherhood different the second time around? Does being a bit older make a difference?

Being older and having a kid is a world of difference. I was out of school, I was married and I was with a man… Not a immature boy.

Jaxie Taylor McKee - Mackenzie Douthit Baby

Do you keep in contact with your co-stars?

Yes. We talk quite often always checking on each other. We grew a strong friendship together. I love how completely opposite we are from each other, but care for one another so much.

How old will Gannon and Jaxie be before you let them watch Teen Mom 3?

If they ask to watch it, I will not tell them no. But, it will be hard for them to watch what me and Josh used to be, what we went through and how young we were.

What do you hope will be included in our “Catching up with Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie McKee – 5 years later!” article?

I hope I’m making something of myself by then. I plan on it!

Thanks to Mackenzie for talking with us! To continue keeping up with the Oklahoma momma, follow her on Instagram or Twitter. You can also read our “catching up” posts with Alex Sekella and Katie Yeager!

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