PHOTOS Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager begins egg donation process

Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager Egg Donation

Although Teen Mom 3‘s Katie Yeager isn’t looking to expand her own family any time soon, she may soon have another biological child running around. This past week, the single mother officially began taking hormones that will allow her to donate eggs.

“Egg donor probs. #IVF #hormonesfordays,” Katie posted on Instagram, along with a picture of the hormones she must inject to prepare her body to donate.

When asked about the donation by a fan, Katie explained she is “donating to a couple in need.”

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It seems Katie didn’t come to the decision easily: in January, she first asked Twitter followers who’ve donated eggs for their advice, before beginning the process in May.


According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the first few months of the egg donation process involve the donor answering an extensive list of questions about her medical, personal, psychological and family history. Potential donors are also screened for a variety of STDs and other infectious diseases. Once the donor begins taking hormones, eggs will likely be ready for harvesting via transvaginal ultrasound aspiration within a few weeks. At that point, Katie’s job will be over, provided the implantation into the other mother is successful!

According to the Egg Donor America, donors usually earn between $4,000 and $10,000 for completed cycles in addition to medical, legal, and travel expenses.

For good reason, the vast majority of observers are commending Katie for donating. She will have to make some sacrifices during the coming weeks, but it will hopefully all result in a healthy baby for a happy couple!

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