Britney Spears prom photo

Britney Spears prom photo

The folks over at Celebuzz dug up this gem, which shows Britney Spears at her prom wearing a red-hot flame-chested dress. Sadly, for those Britney schadenfreudians out there, she looks pretty darn good! I was hoping she would be with some doofus in a light blue ruffled shirt, but alas!

How did Britney Spears even go to prom? Didn’t she already have five albums and a kid by then?

And in case you were wondering what it would have been like if “Crazy Brit-Brit” had made an appearance at the dance to end all dances, then just read the story of Jessica Halter! All I will say is that she looks amazing in her mug shot and she will always be remembered for her quote:

“This is my f**king prom, this is bulls**it.”

Her head was far from shaved and there were no umbrellas involved, but I think it’s still pretty close to what would have happened had Britney lost it.

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