PHOTOS Breaking Amish sisters Katie Ann and Esther Schmucker in car crash

Katie Ann Schmucker sister Esther car crash

Breaking Amish and Return to Amish sisters Katie Ann and Esther Schmucker were involved in a serious car accident earlier today. Sources close to the family first broke the news on Facebook, revealing that both Esther and Katie Ann were life flighted to a hospital after the accident.

The siblings’ sister-in-law, show star Rebecca Schmucker, confirmed the reports this morning on Twitter. “The Schmucker family needs a lot of prayers right now,” she tweeted just before noon. “Esther and KatieAnn have been in a car accident and we are praying they will be ok. TY.”

Rebecca later updated fans with some good and some bad news. “KatieAnn is ok!” she wrote at approximately 3:10PM. “I’m with her now and she wants to go home. Esther is still being worked on. Thank you for praying!”

UPDATE – Some VERY positive news from Rebecca on Twitter!


Here is a frightening photo of the cars involved in the accident:

OK, back to our original story already in progress…

Here is a photo of Katie Ann and Esther with Mama Mary Schmucker:

Breaking Amish Katieann Esther Mama Mary Schmucker

A few hours before Rebecca’s initial tweet about the accident, Katie Ann took to Facebook to announce: “I’m so proud of my little sis she passed her driving test.”

Fans of Breaking Amish and Return To Amish are probably very familiar with Katie Ann, as she has been featured often on the show. (Who could forget her makeover with the help of now-supermodel Kate Stoltz?) Esther has been on the show, but in a much less prominent role. Also, I feel it is important to clarify that this Esther Schmucker is not the same as the Esther Schmucker from Amish Mafia, although that Esther Schmucker is this Esther’s cousin.

Our thoughts are with the Schmucker family and we wish Esther a very speedy recovery!

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