Breaking Amish: Return To Amish original cast returns in May

Breaking Amish Return To Amish cast barn

The original inspirations for the term “Dramish” are returning as TLC announced this week that the OGs of Breaking Amish are coming back for another season of Return to Amish at 9/8c on Thursday, May 31!

Here is the scoop on what fans can expect from the network’s press release:

In the season premiere of RETURN TO AMISH, Mary Schmucker’s shunning by the Amish church continues, but Chester is in the process of making peace with the bishop. Rebecca and Abe Schmucker are raising their family, while coming to terms with the idea that their Amish past is getting further and further behind them.

In New York City, Kate Stoltzfus continues to model, but she undergoes plastic surgery that could greatly affect her career.

Jeremiah Raber attempts to regain some of his heritage in order to stabilize his life, and Katie Ann starts to feel a pull back toward the English life she once flirted with.

Chapel Schmucker deals with an unknown future, and husband Andrew Schmucker throws her and the rest of the family for a loop by getting himself back into trouble.

(In case you missed it, Andrew “getting himself back into trouble” actually translates to “getting himself back in jail.”)

You may notice that original cast member Sabrina High is missing from the announcement. We have unconfirmed reports that she is having some serious personal struggles since giving birth to daughter Oakley last March. I won’t say any more until we have confirmation.

For those of you that are confused about all the different seasons of Breaking Amish, here is a breakdown:


Cast: Abe Schmucker, Rebecca Byler, Kate Stoltzfus, Jeremiah Raber, Sabrina High, Mama Mary Schmucker, Andrew Schmucker, Chapel Peace (Schmucker)

Season titles:

1. Breaking Amish
2. Breaking Amish: Brave New World
3. Breaking Amish: Return to Amish
4. Breaking AMish: Return to Amish Season 2 (?)


Cast: Iva Troyer, Betsy Yoder, Devon Miller, Lizzie Stoltzfus, Sam Stoltzfus, Matt Bristol, Andrew Schmucker, Mama Mary Schmucker


Cast: Miriam Troyer, Vonda Schrock, Bates Byler, Matthias Miller, Barbie Yoder

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