Bobbi Kristina Update: New details of drug use emerge as family maintains bedside vigil

Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston



For the time being, Bobbi Kristina remains unresponsive in her Roswell GA townhome, surrounded by loving family members offering their last prayers. But the long, sad story of Bobbi Kristina Brown is about to get an exhaustive treatment. On June 9th, Investigative journalist Ian Halperin is set to release Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame. The book will examine the tragic role that fame and fortune played in developing Whitney Houston’s drug addiction, and will attempt to prove that Bobbi Kristina’s downward spiral was fueled by the same elements.

Halperin is well-respected in celebrity journalism circles, and is perhaps best-known for his 2009 book Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, which chronicled the downfall of the pop icon. The book unearthed previously unknown information about Jackson’s last days, and was an immediate New York Times best-seller.

According to Halperin’s publisher, Gallery Books, The Deadly Price of Fame will explore the “complicated dynamics” of the Houston family through a series of extensive interviews with members of the family–including several interviews conducted with Bobbi Kristina before her fateful bathtub accident this past January. A good deal of that complication involves the drug use that Whitney turned to increasingly in the final years of her life. Allegedly, the book will detail the extent to which Bobbi Kristina’s own drug use intensified as a result of her mother’s addictions, and accelerated in the wake of Houston’s death.

Members of the Houston and Brown family recently moved Bobbi Kristina from an undisclosed rehabilitation facility in Atlanta back to the 22-year-old’s townhouse in Roswell. The family’s intent was to surround BK with mementos and photos of her mother, and let her live out her final days in peace, rather than surrounded by an impersonal hospital room. Though reports have indicated that the family intends to remove Bobbi Kristina from all life support and let her pass naturally, no information about whether they have done that has yet surfaced.


UPDATE 6:32 AM: Jerod Brown, cousin to Bobbi Kristina and an outspoken critic of the Houston family, has responded to inflammatory comments on his Facebook page regarding BK’s estate:


At the beginning and end of the day its about my little cousin, y’all made it about me, which is lame especially in my cousins case! You so accustom to fake sh*t when u see genuine sh*t you feel the goodness of it but then ya mind tells ya heart he’s out for money! He’s out for fame! He’s out for a come up! ME! IM OUT FOR VICTORY! FOR CHANGE! A MIRACLE! EXCUSE MY FRENCH BUT YOU GOT LIFE F*CKED UP. GOD BLESS


Given the recent transfer of Bobbi Kristina’s estate to a neutral third-party, it’s not clear what would happen to any money in the event of Bobbi Kristina’s death.


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