Are Madison and Tony from The Real World: Skeletons still together?


Season 30 of The Real World brought a twist the seven strangers didn’t see coming: skeletons from their pasts. The outsiders brought a ton of baggage with them to Chicago, and there was no shortage of drama between the roommates.

During their time in the house, the bubbly blonde Madison and the All-American Tony began casually hooking up and eventually made their relationship official. Once the two became boyfriend and girlfriend, viewers were left wondering how long their relationship would last before it came crumbling down.

At the end of the season, the pair parted ways on good terms but with an uncertain future: Tony back to Louisiana and Madison heading to Texas. So, whatever happened to Madison and Tony? Are they still together?

By all accounts: YES! Madisony is still going strong. Here’s a pic of the lovebirds Madison posted just a few days ago.

Madison and Tony

Despite the distance between them, the couple seem to be putting their relationship first. “Sometimes the distance between us is tough, but I love that girl!” Tony said in an interview with MTV. “I truly came out of the experience a better person and now have a relationship with one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.”

Tony and Madison

And it’s not just Tony that Madison seems to have bonded with. Shane, Tony’s younger brother who also appeared in the show, seems to be best buds with Madison.

Here’s a picture Shane posted with the caption, “#TrueLove #BarbieNKen #SisterFromAnotherMister @madiichanning #LoveYourself”

Madison and Shane

We’re happy to see that Madison and Tony have had better luck making their relationship work than Bruno and Carla. Even though those two appeared smitten with each other throughout most of the season, their love didn’t last and they broke up late last year.

So what’s next for The Real World?

After season 30 came to an end, viewers were anxiously awaiting the reunion episode, but, to everyone’s dismay, it never happened. Other MTV shows like The Challenge and Are You The One? have received the green light for a renewal, but mum’s the word as to whether or not The Real World will be back for a 31st season.


PHOTOS: MTV/Instagram