REPORT: Whitney Houston’s family told she died from prescription drugs, not drowning

As the music community gathered last night for the Grammys and celebrated the life of Whitney Houston more details have emerged on the late singer’s passing.

According to sources with TMZ (and they have been on top of and dependable in regards to their coverage of this tragedy), Houston’s family has been notified that she did not die of drowning, but rather from what appears to be a toxic mix of prescription pills including Xanax and alcohol. The Coroner’s Office has reportedly informed the family that there simply wasn’t enough water found in Whitney’s lungs to conclude that drowning was a cause of death.

A separate source close to the family is now stating that it was Mary Jones, Whitney Houston’s aunt, that discovered her body in the bathtub. She had laid out Houston’s dress on the bed for the evening and left for approximately a half-an-hour. When she returned and Whitney didn’t come out of the bathroom, Jones entered, pulled Houston out of the tub and tried to administer CPR.

Whitney’s mother has arranged to have her body flown to Atlanta and as far as the Coroner’s Office is concerned they are fine with that because they see no evidence of foul play. If the police agree then her body will be cleared to go back East as her family wishes.

Photo: FayesVision/