Ozzy Osbourne addiction struggle: thought wife Sharon was plotting to kill him


While Ozzy’s son Jack is celebrating 10 years of sobriety, Ozzy himself has been battling addiction demons in full force lately.

After news surfaced of a possible split with his longtime wife Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy revealed he had relapsed with drugs and alcohol, but said that he’s been sober for well over a month. He celebrated his 49th day of sobriety performing a show with Black Sabbath in New Zealand Saturday, so it looks like he’s moving in a promising direction.

A source told UK’s The Daily Star that it had gotten so bad at one point that he hadn’t slept for days, would drink booze for breakfast, and was convinced that Sharon was plotting to kill him.

“Recently he was so out of it he survived for nearly a week without sleeping and just made Sharon’s life pure hell. He was running around in the same clothes all the time, not washing. He kept accusing Sharon of plotting to kill him. It was heartbreaking for her. He was screaming and sobbing ‘They are trying to kill me. Sharon’s trying to kill me’. It was horrendous.”

Sharon has gotten away for awhile on a luxury yacht in Mexico. She reportedly wanted a separation because of Ozzy’s constant substance abuse, but the couple may be able to work it out if Ozzy can get a handle on his sobriety.

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