Beyonce leads the pack of Forbes’ Top 100 Celebrities

Beyonce Forbes Top 100 Celebrities

According to Forbes‘ indicators, Beyonce is the most dominant celebrity.

For this year’s annual Top 100 Celebrities list, Beyonce earned the No. 1 spot due to her earnings, fame and general influence. Following Beyonce are LeBron James, Dr. Dre, Oprah Winfrey (No. 1 in 2013) and Ellen DeGeneres. Jay-Z is sixth on the list, making him and Beyonce the Top Celebrity Couple.

Forbes‘ Dorothy Pomerantz explained the list is created using an algorithm.

“We count how many times each celebrity was mentioned in print, on TV and radio. We factor in a score from StarCount for social media power over 11 platforms including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube,” she said when announcing 2014’s list. “This year we’ve also added an impact score, similar to the one we use for our Power Women list. Based on reporting by our editorial staff, the number measures the impact each celebrity has on the entertainment industry and our culture overall.”

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