VIDEO Beyonce says Super Bowl experience was “Gone With the Wind Fabulous,” Kenya Moore says “she gave me life by doing that”

Kenya Moore Gone With The Wind Fabulous

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kenya Moore got a few chuckles when she announced on the show that she gets mistaken for Beyonce everyday — this just before releasing her first single “Gone With the Wind Fabulous.” Well it seems Queen Bey Bey herself can be counted among the millions of RHOA fans because she gave Kenya’s single a name check after her stupendous Super Bowl halftime performance!

A reporter for Inside Edition asked Beyonce and her Destiny’s Child bandmates “How did it feel?” to which Beyonce responded with “They were fierce, honey. Gone With the Wind Fabulous!”

Of course Andy Cohen and everyone in the Bravo Clubhouse (both the literal Clubhouse in NYC as well as the virtual Clubhouse, which includes all the Bravo fans around the globe) were flabbergasted! And of course, Beyonce’s nod to Kenya received the Watch What Happens Live “Mazel of the Day:”

Bravo reached out to Kenya to get her reaction, and she shared what it was like finding out about the acknowledgment:

“I didn’t pay much attention to it, because I didn’t know what to think. So then my best friend called me saying ‘Beyonce just said ‘Gone With the Wind Fabulous!'”

Kenya’s reaction? “I thought it was a complete joke. So when I finally saw it, I was absolutely speechless. I was elated to know that my favorite singer watches the show and that she’s adopted my saying. It’s obviously original to me and means so much to me from a personal standpoint, and to compound all of that, it felt like she was Team Kenya. I joke about her being my twin, but it’s just because I love her so much. It’s all in fun, and I’m just glad that she watches the show and doesn’t mind my silly comparison … It’s the ultimate compliment and nod. I just live for her — she gave me life by doing that.”

And just in case you have no idea what we’re talking about here, check out Kenya’s performance of “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” on Watch What Happens Live!

Kenya (Kenyonce) will reportedly have a video finished soon for “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” which will supposedly have a nod or two to Beyonce, although at this point, who’s to say Beyonce herself won’t be making a cameo?!?

Kenya Moore as Beyonce as Sasha Fierce