Alexsandra Wright gave birth to baby she claims is Beyonce’s new brother, Nixon

28-year-old pop royalty Beyonce has a brand new baby brother named Nixon, according her her father Matthew’s alleged mistress, AlexSandra Wright.

Wright gave birth to the new baby last Thursday (February 4,2010) and says she dated the alledged baby daddy Knowles for 18 months. A source told TMZ that they even picked out the name together, which almost doesn’t make any sense, but kind of does. A rap/R&B star named Nixon could go over well if you marketed it right. We’ll see what the pop market’s like in 16-18 years.

Even though Matthew Knowles recently split from his wife of 31 years Tina Knowles, his camp is denying paternity of Nixon, at least until the DNA tests get back.

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