Bethenny Frankel was Paris and Nicky Hilton’s nanny

In a TikTok posted on April 12, 2023, Bethenny Frankel told the story about the time she was Paris and Nicky Hilton’s nanny. Paris has also written about this in her new memoir, Paris: The Memoir (affiliate link.)

“I worked at La Scala, home of the original chopped salad,” Bethenny said as she applied makeup in her Storytime TikTok video. “Home of the original chopped salad.”

La Scala is a 60-year-old Beverly Hills restaurant famous for chopped salads, and Bethenny would get free salads at the time because she worked there as a hostess.

She says that at the time she was making about $8/hr at La Scala, and the salads were $18, so she was getting a pretty good deal. Bethenny would make sure to pile it high of her favorite premium ingredients to make sure she was getting the most out of her free meal. Unfortunately, the restaurant no longer offers free food to their employees.


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While working there, Bethenny struck up a friendship with Kyle Richards, who was a regular at La Scala. Bethenny says Kyle went there a lot when she was pregnant with her oldest daughter Farrah, whose dad is Kyle’s first husband Guraish Aldjufrie.

Bethenny even spilled the details on Kyle’s order: she would usually get fried mozzarella and a chopped salad. Sometimes she’s order the Ortalana soup, which is kind of like a buried minestrone.

Through her friendship with Kyle, Bethenny got a job with Kyle’s sister Kathy Hilton working at her boutique called The Staircase that sold a lot of ornaments and gift-type items. She says she was also working for $8/hr at the Staircase.

A major part of the job was wrapping the gifts, which Bethenny was terrible at, so she got moved to being a nanny for Paris and Nicky Hilton when Paris was eight and Nicky was six. At the time, both Bethenny and Kyle were about 19/20, and Paris and Nicky looked up to them as women they wanted to grow up to be.

While Kathy Hilton ran The Staircase, Bethenny would go pick the girls up from their school, called Lycée were they were taught in both English and French. She’d then take the girls to shops and stores. Paris’ favorite was the pet store while Nicky liked a Hot Topic-type store called Rampage.

They would also meet up with their aunt Kyle to go ice-skating or get snacks from Mobile Mart. Paris doesn’t mention anything further about Mobile Mart in her memoir, but Bethenny shared a distinct memory about an incident at Mobile Mart.

Bethenny says during a meetup with Kyle where they had gone ice skating, both she and Kyle got into an argument with an employee at Mobile Mart. She doesn’t remember any specifics about what they were arguing about, but says that to this day she and Kyle bring up “Welcome to Mobile Mart.”

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