Bethenny Frankel defends Kardashians after years of hate; “it’s very basic business”

While most of Hollywood is on strike, Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has been outspoken about how talent should get residuals and make money off their products.

Now she’s coming to the Kardashians defense for the first time in years after being one of their most vocal critics.

Watch her video rant to find out more…

Bethenny Frankel speaks out

Currently Hollywood writers and actors are on strike asking for higher pay because their salaries have been tanking due to the popularity of streaming services. Their pay is often based on residuals from their appearances which has plummeted as less people go to the movie theater or sign up for traditional cable.

Streaming services don’t pay actors each time an episode of a show or a movie they appear in is viewed. Instead performers are paid a smaller amount to have shows or movies available on the platform. Consequently, actors earn far less for streaming work, even when starring in prominent roles on hit series.

Bethenny Frankel from Real Housewives of New York understands this all too well. She has been vocal about how much she made for the first season of her reality show and also the concept of the “Bethenny Clause” which now asks stars to give a portion of their earnings from side businesses to the network.

Bethenny vs. the Kardashians

Frankel has had “beef” with the Kardashians for years, continually criticizing them for being fake and setting unrealistic standards with their social media and photo editing. She has been known to call them narcissists on many podcast appearances.

Bethenny also came out against Kourtney Kardashian in the sister “debate” about Dolce & Gabbana referring to Kourt’s Portofino wedding as “a commercial.”

“It’s very basic business”

It may surprise fans to know that Frankel is now singing another tune when it comes to the Kardashians. When speaking out about the need for stars to earn their residuals in Hollywood – many fans questioned whether or not that meant the Kardashians should keep earning an insane amount of money as well.

Bethenny told her Instagram story:

To the question if the Kardashians should keep earning residuals even though they’re billionaires: yeah, you don’t get to count their money – it’s supply and demand. If people wanna buy their product they should still get paid. If you keep buying lip gloss should Kylie still get paid? If you keep buying shapewear should Kim get paid? So if you keep watching their content, yeah, they should still get paid to the end of time – that’s business ladies and gentlemen. You may not like it. You may not like if Tom Cruise makes $50M a movie but you go to see the movie. It’s supply and demand. It’s very basic business.

We love to see Bethenny make some peace with the Kardashians, if even just temporary!

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