BBWLA Did Shaunie O’Neal just fire DJ Duffey? Tensions reach breaking point as finale nears

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Basketball Wives LA fans know that show creator and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal has hiring and firing power over the rest of the cast. It’s a lesson that Brandi Maxiell learned the hard way following the drama of Season 4, when she was fired by Shaunie–and then brought back for Season 5. Now, thanks to the drama of the Porugal trip, it looks like the same thing might be about to happen to breakout star DJ Duffey. Duffey has inspired copious hate-watching this year, thanks to her legions of newfound detractors (not to mantion her many fans). But the Texas native has also drawn more than her fair share of ire for her weeks-long spat with Tami Roman.

Now, it would seem that Shaunie has had enough. With the reunion set to air, VH1 has just released a preview clip; if we take her at her word, it sounds like Shaunie is all-too-happy to wash her hands of Duffey, who she says “didn’t bring anything to the table”:

Again, though, it’s not like Shaunie has never changed her mind about a casting decision before. So it’s entirely possible that this particular bit of drama is intended to stir interest in the cast’s off-season doings, before the cameras start rolling for BBWLA Season 6.

The Basketball Wives LA reunion airs this Sunday night at 8 PM on VH1.

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