BBWLA: Angel Brinks’ alleged prostitute past, bright designer future

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Who is Angel Brinks? Was the Basketball Wives LA star really a prostitute before moving to Los Angeles for the show? Rumors about Brinks’ alleged past have dogged her for years, ever since Brinks became pregnant with ex-boyfriend Tyreke Evans’ child. And those rumors flared up into outright drama last year, when a former BBWLA cast member dragged them into a confrontation with Brinks.

Three years ago, NBA blogs were abuzz with the question “Who is Angel Brinks?”, thanks to Brinks’ supposed involvement with Evans, then with the Sacramento Kings. (Rumors about Brinks also centered on the mysterious death of her first child’s father–and the allegation that the father had been a pimp.) When it first appeared that Tyreke and model Ashley Logan were expecting a child together, it later emerged that, in fact, Tyreke and Angel were expecting.

The initial announcement, though, led to allegations of Angel’s extreme jealousy: “When Angel found out Ashley was pregnant,” reported Baller Mail, “she did EVERYTHING in her power to harass her. She let it be known she was still messing w/ Tyreke & the baby Ashley was carrying was supposed to be hers. Yes, Crazy! Psycho! All of a sudden 2 months b4 Ashley is scheduled to give birth, Angel pops up pregnant claiming it to be Tyrekes!”

Those rumors died down, though, in part because Angel hadn’t yet been cast on BBWLA. Two years later, after she debuted on Season 4 of the show, they came up again–with interest. Meghan James lashed out at Angel after Angel–according to Meghan–butted in where she wasn’t welcome, and dished all sorts of unexpected dirt on Brinks. The bulk of Meghan’s allegations came via an anonymous tip she said she’d received from a fan, and shared on her Instagram page, in a since-deleted post. But the internet is the internet, so screengrabs and transcriptions abound–here’s what Megan shared:

Cast mates are aware of Angel Brinks real life! Angel was and still is an escort! She used to strip at the Spearmint Rhino when she live in Vegas before she moved to LA to be on the show! The deceased baby father of her first child was her pimp! Between her pimp & one of her tricks, who is also deceased (what a coincidence), were the sources ($) of her being able to start her clothing business. She has legally changed her name several times so nobody can try to trace her illegal past! If you would think I was making it all up! She is the 3rd baby mother to Tyreke Evans and 10 year older then him which I think is disgusting the fact that she couldn’t find annoying her own age! So embarrassing & disgusting! There is SO much more you can find out about her & I’m sure more tea will surface when the show continues! She is pure evil! Don’t let her fool you! You are one of the realist on the show & wish you would wipe the floor with this fake b*tch!

Meghan then took things a step further, confronting Angel to her face during the Season 4 reunion special:

Angel, though, didn’t sweat the accusations, and presented a simple explanation. The photos of herself that had appeared in an advertisements for escorts–advertisements for a woman anmed Christina–had been stolen years ago, and used ever since. “For the last eight years my pictures have been stolen on Backpage,” Angel claimed. “They know my name is Christina, this and that, because I lived in Vegas…they steal my photos all the time.”

While it’s not proof that Meghan was or wasn’t correct about Angel, it is worth pointing out that Angel is a part of the Basketball Wives LA Season 5 cast…and Meghan is not. VH1 hasn’t revealed the official reason for Meghan’s departure, but rumors that she was close to being fired did circle for months before her departure.

As for Angel, she’s got a thriving design company to promote:

If you’re so inclined, you can follow Angel Brinks Designs specifically on Instagram here. Additionally, just about everything you see Angel wear on BBWLA and in public is available for sale on her web site here.

Basketball Wives LA Season 5 continues Sunday nights on VH1.

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(Photo credits: Who is Angel Brinks via Instagram)

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