“Extremely intoxicated” Randy Travis in trouble again for 1AM church parking lot fight

Randy Travis is Living Country album cover

Musician Beck recently raised eyebrows when it was announced his new album of 20 songs would be released exclusively as sheet music. Randy Travis, on the other hand, appears to be releasing his new album in the form of his headline-grabbing actions over the last few months! His first song, titled “I’ve Got A Parking Lot Of Love To Give” is all about a man who breaks up with his girlfriend then gets drunk and shows up at church where he is arrested.

The next song is called “Naked Aggression” and it’s all about an angry drunk man who strips down naked and then drives his Trans Am off the road before threatening to shoot the cops when he is arrested.

Randy’s latest song was “written” early this morning after he allegedly got involved in yet another church parking lot debacle. Oh, and of course he was reportedly “extremely intoxicated” at the time.

According to TMZ, the incident occurred around 1AM this morning when someone reported two men fighting in a church parking lot. From the site:

Cops say … there was a “family argument” taking place between a husband and a wife … and Randy got involved.

Another man was involved in the fight, but cops say it wasn’t the husband.

Authorities believe Travis was the primary aggressor and he has been cited for simple assault. Sadly, there is no new Randy Travis mug shot to add to his collection as of yet.

Stay tuned for the rest of Randy Travis’s new album, which hopefully ends on a positive note.

It seems Peggy Hill may have been right all along…

UPDATE – People magazine has a little more information, including the fact that Randy might not have been drunk. What?!?

“We got a phone call at around 10 or 10:30 [Thursday] night about a personal family issue occurring between an estranged husband and wife. The wife was reportedly the girlfriend of Randy Travis,” Officer David Tilley, of the Plano, Texas, Police Department, told PEOPLE on Friday morning.

“Randy intervened and reportedly an assault took place between Randy and husband. There were no injuries reported,” said Tilley.

So what about the “extremely intoxicated” bit? “There was no indication that he was intoxicated on the report. I’m not sure where these stories are coming from. It’s nothing more than what we run into on a regular basis,” Tilley said.