PHOTOS The Situation partners with Boca Tanning Club, compares six packs with owner Jen Boronico

Jersey Shore's Mike The Situation Sorrentino partners with Boca Tanning Club in Miami

Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was in Miami Beach today to attend an official Boca Tanning Club media day celebrating his partnership with the Florida-based 24/7 tanning salon.

The wall-banging reality star was wearing an uncharacteristic button-up shirt with white undershirt and jeans, but couldn’t resist the call to arms abs of BTC owner (and former boxer, and MMA commentator, and rock guitarist for the band Pandia) Jen Borinoco, who went pack-to-pack with the world’s most famous washboard!

The Situation and Boca Tanning Club owner Jen Boronico compare abs in Miami

Dayumm! That looks like a smokin’ hot bitchuation right there! Forget 24-hour tanning salons, these two need to pair up on a chain of chest chiseling boutiques called “12 Packs!”

Anyways… Back to The Situation, who had this to say in an official press release from earlier today:

Because I love to tan and Boca Tanning Clubs are the best tanning experience I’ve ever had, I’ve become part of the Boca Tanning Club family and the T in GTL (gym, tan, laundry), now officially stands for Boca Tanning Club. My goal is for there to be Boca Tanning Club franchises in every single state, so that everyone can experience the best tanning salon out there and, of course, so when I travel, I always have a great place to tan!

And don’t think this is purely a marketing deal. The Situation first learned of Boca Tanning Club by tanning there during Jersey Shore‘s second season, which was filmed in Miami.

Apparent baddest woman on the planet Jen Boronico couldn’t be more excited about the partnership. “We are thrilled to have Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino join the Boca Tanning Club team,” she proclaims. “Mr. Sorrentino believes so much in the BTC concept that he has plans to open several of his own BTC franchises!” Also in the works? An aerosol spray tan! (The Spritzuation?)

Ain’t America great?!? Kick it!

The Situation kicks off his partnership with Boca Tanning Club in Miami
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