Are Adam Levine and Blake Shelton friends?

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton - Actually Friends - The Voice

On The Voice, coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s relationship constantly wavers between total bros and sworn enemies. So what’s the truth about their dynamic?

“It’s fun. It’s just like we’re sitting around the bar, making jabs at each other,” Blake told People for a 2012 cover story that deemed them “The Odd Couple.”

Adam added at the time that he was on the same page, but just wanted people to stop using the term “bromance” to describe their dynamic: “We’re just friends. It’s called friendship!”

Adam Levine Blake Shelton People Cover The Odd Couple

Since then, the men have spent a lot of time together as the two consistent judges throughout The Voice‘s 6.5 seasons, which could put a strain on any friendship. And, as viewers have noted, Adam and Blake’s dynamic has erred on the side of enemies more often than friends lately — such as when Blake supposedly live tweeted Adam’s actual phone number. They publicly “made up,” but Blake was notably absent from Adam’s wedding last month.

For now, it seems even those close to Blake and Adam don’t know what to think about the nature of their friendship: Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, said in June that she doesn’t even know if Blake actually shared Adam’s number during the April show.

“I’m guessing it was a publicity ploy, I don’t know for sure. He wouldn’t actually do that. Blake’s pretty mean sometimes, but not that mean. He would have brought the wrath of Adam, because Adam has done some crazy s**t,” she told Billboard, offering the example of the time Adam sent a life-sized poster of his People‘s Sexiest Man Alive cover to their home. “So I wouldn’t even want to know his revenge if Blake did , so I don’t think it’s real.”

To catch the latest act in Blake and Adam’s continued drama, tune into The Voice‘s premiere on Sept. 22.

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