VIDEO Jersey Shore does “Friggin Twilight” from Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Situation and Snooki from Jersey Shore in Friggin Twilight

Jimmy Kimmel Live and the gang from Jersey Shore have made another fist-pumpingly hilarious video spoof in the same vein as their Oscar Best Picture nominee re-enactments. Showing no fear of the Twihard Army, Jimmy and juice crew took on Twilight in “Friggin’ Twilight.”


Snooki as Bella Swan
The Situation as Edward Cullen
Pauly D as Jacob Black
Jimmy Kimmel as Charlie Swan

(For the rest of the cast I’ll just rely on avid Twilight commenters below)

Here’s “Friggin’ Twilight” with tons of blood suckin’, Snooki- punchin’ fun!

Here are some hilarious stills from the video, including Snooki’s pickle cake, The Situation’s glittery abs and Pauly D licking himself: