VIDEO Work of Art complete episode 1 “Self-Reflexive”

Work of Art Episode One Self-Reflexive judges' panel

Bravo kicked off it’s Project Runway inspired fine art reality competition Work of Art: The Next Great Artist on June 9, 2010 with the premiere episode “Self-Reflexive” during which the 14 artists were paired up and asked to do a portrait of their partner.

The challenge reveals a lot about each of the contestants as they wrestle with trying to visually represent someone they just met in the medium of their choice. Here are how the artists were paired up:

Abdi Farah and Ryan Shultz
Miles Mendenhall and Nao Bustamante
Mark Velasquez and Erik Johnson
John Parot and Trong Nguyen
Peregrine Honig and Nicole Nadeau
Jaime Lynn Henderson and Amanda Williams
Judith Braun and Jaclyn Santos

And here are all the finished pieces.
(SPOILER ALERT – The winner and loser are at the bottom!)

Abdi Farah's portrait of Ryan Shultz from Work of Art
Abdi Farah’s portrait of Ryan Shultz

Ryan Shultz's portrait of Abdi Farah from Work of Art
Ryan Shultz’s portrait of Abdi Farah

Peregrine Honig's portrait of Nicole Nadeau from Work of Art
Peregrine Honig’s portrait of Nicole Nadeau

Nicole Nadeau's portrait of Peregrine Honig from Work of Art
Nicole Nadeau’s portrait of Peregrine Honig

Mark Velasquez's portrait of Erik Johnson from Work of Art
Mark Velasquez’s portrait of Erik Johnson

Erik Johnson's portrait of Mark Velasquez from Work of Art
Erik Johnson’s portrait of Mark Velasquez

Jaclyn Santos' portrait of Judith Braun from Work of Art
Jaclyn Santos’ portrait of Judith Braun

Judith Braun's portrait of Jaclyn Santos from Work of Art
Judith Braun’s portrait of Jaclyn Santos

John Parot's portrait of Tron Nguyen from Work of Art
John Parot’s portrait of Tron Nguyen

Tron Nguyen's portrait of John Parot from Work of Art
Tron Nguyen’s portrait of John Parot

Nao Bustamante's portrait of Miles Mendenhall from Work of Art
Nao Bustamante’s portrait of Miles Mendenhall

Jamie Lynn Henderson's portrait of Amanda Williams from Work of Art
Jamie Lynn Henderson’s portrait of Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams' portrait of Jamie Lynn Henderson from Work of Art
Amanda Williams’ portrait of Jamie Lynn Henderson

Miles Mendenhall's portrait of Nao Bustamante from Work of Art
Miles Mendenhall’s portrait of Nao Bustamante

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