Update on Real Chance at Love’s Ahmad Givens stage IV colon cancer prognosis

Ahmad Givens Surgery - Real Colon Cancer

Ten months after Real Chance at Love‘s Ahmad Givens was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, the Stallionaires star continues to fight the good fight.

This week, “Real” faced one of his biggest challenges yet as he went in for seven hours of intensive surgery to remove cancerous cells from him colon.

“Good morning world, I’m getting ready to go in for surgery,” he said in a Dec. 18 Facebook post. “I love you all and Ill see you once I recover. Thanks for being there for me and supporting me and my family. God bless you all and I truly appreciate and love you.”

Earlier today, friend Karen Scott told Real’s fans the surgery was a “great success.” TMZ added Real is recovering and preparing for a round of radiation to eliminate a liver tumor. (Contrary to TMZ‘s report, Karen clarified Real “was NOT almost a goner before surgery.”)

If all continues to go well, Real plans on returning to his radio show, “Real and Chance,” in mid-January.

Real Givens - Micah Givens - Chance Givens
^ Real with brothers Micah Givens and Chance Givens.

Real received his initial stage IV colon cancer diagnosis in March at the age of 33. He immediately began chemotherapy, changed his diet and continued to work out.

“Working out is a huge part of beating cancer even if your [sic] just doing 10 minutes of cardio a day. Some people are older so that’s all they can do. If you plan on lifting weights, lift light with more reps,” he said in a November Instagram post. “50 percent of people who workout do a lot better when it comes to beating cancer. Never give up the fight against cancer. You can beat it and so will I.”

Unfortunately, the cancer metastasized to his liver. His next round of radiation will focus on eliminating those tumors and the prognosis seems to be good.

Our thoughts are with Real, wife Raquel and their children. Let’s hope 2014 brings better health!

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