Farrah Abraham appears on The Test; gets confronted by Kirk Fox about sex tape story

Farrah Abraham on The Test show

Farrah Abraham is one of a string of tabloid stars to appear on a new talk show called The Test with host Kirk Fox. Guests of this show get interrogated by Fox, and results of a lie detector test they’ve taken are later revealed. (In Farrah’s case, The Test was a pregnancy test, not a lie detector test.) Tan Mom and Dina and Michael Lohan have also appeared on the show.

Although the episode aired today, the showed was taped back when Farrah staged a photo op buying a pregnancy test, so one of the main topics of conversation was whether or not Farrah was pregnant with porn star James Deen’s baby.

Farrah’s mom Debra also appeared on the show, and said that she wanted to improve her relationship with daughter Farrah, who she believes to have good judgement so therefore she could not be pregnant. On the episode Farrah says she thinks she may be pregnant because she has not had a period in three months, but that she hasn’t taken the test she bought in front of TMZ yet. Spoiler: she’s not pregnant!

But fake pregnancy scares aside, when Kirk confronts her about the fact that the public is a little upset that she made the sex tape seem like an accident, Farrah sticks with her story that it was a personal tape for herself. “It’s not an accident. I wanted to make my own video, it is my own personal right to do what I want with my own sexuality and to be happy for myself. The partner who I chose, who I didn’t know, and it was like we had an understanding, and those things should remain private. He had a little bit of a jealousy in someway. It is a private video, and I did sell it, and now it’s out there.”

Kirk: Did you intend to sell it?

Farrah: No, I did not intend it to be public. I did not intend anyone to know about it.

Kirk: You hired a . ..

Farrah (interrupting:) You know what? I’m moving on with my life. I have said my piece, and you can feel how you wish.

When Kirk asks Farrah how she would feel if her own mother made a sex tape, Farrah bursts into tears and says “How do I feel about hearing that my dad cheats on my mother. How do I feel that’s real. I know that that’s real, I know that it happens. I don’t like. But I also am not going to treat it the same way that I heard about things from my parents, so who is right, who is wrong? We all know that my parents handled it the best way they could. I know that I’ve learned from that and I will handle it the best way I can when I’m there. That’s the best you can do.”

Both Debra and Farrah gave their sides of the story of what happened the day in 2010 when they got into an altercation and the police were called. They were arguing in the car coming home from church, and Debra says Farrah accused her of opening her mail. Farrah says “I lost control. I wanted to hit my mother, I pretty much wanted to kill her.” Debra says she grabbed her by the hair, and Farrah corroborates this by saying she was “all tangled and ripping out her hair and trying to hurt her.” Debra says she hit Farrah on the lip while trying to defend herself, and when Farrah saw that she was bleeding, she decided to call the police because she was “upset and over it.”

When the police show up Debra is chopping onions, and she says he has a gun pointed to her head, so she set her knives down and told him “I’m cooking chili!” Farrah says Debra wrongly blames her for getting arrested, asking her mom “Do you not take into consideration why somebody got that upset at you? It’s all over America, where you see children getting so upset, and there is anger, and there is violence.” When she says that, the audience started chanting “No excuse,” which thoroughly pissed Farrah off.

Farrah’s dad Michael then joined Farrah and Debra, and was extremely upset over internet comments about his daughter. “We get it all, every day, every night on the web, people beatin’ up on my daughter, especially a woman. If you are a single woman, everyone knows one, everyone knows single parents: she works her ass off. Okay. So if you wanna judge us, go for it, but I tell you what, everyone of us has somebody that’s been in her position, and she works extremely hard. So take your shot, I’m thick skinned, I can take just about anything. But I love these two women, I’m proud of these two women and no matter what I hear is gonna change that.”

Kirk agreed that they are strong women, but asked Michael if he was proud of the sex tape. Farrah chimed in and noted that the sex tape wasn’t necessarily something to be proud of, and there were some things that she’s not proud of, like the title. “Some things are out of my control,” she says. Kirk again points out that it’s not the fact that she made a p0rn that riles most people up, it’s the fact that she won’t own up to it, and sticks with the story that it was a completely personal tape even though she hired a porn star to make it. Kirk doesn’t let up with his skepticism about her story, and which turns Farrah’s anger and defensiveness into tears. “I have to take the blame for a lot of shit that I do because I know I made the right choice in the end,” she says. “I know that I can’t put everyone under the bridge because of like I’m so upset but as least I came out ahead because of my attorney. And that’s like what I’m saying, it’s like fine, whatever, if I have to be a bad person, call me a f**king liar, I don’t care. I had to go through a lot of crap just so that I was at least secure enough, moving forward in my life because other things were out of control.”

Kirk Fox makes a good point by replying “I’m just saying, at some point just say ‘All right, I made a p0rn. Big deal! I did it.”

Farrah doesn’t let up she “accidentally had to go through all this.” When he confronts Farrah about hiring Vivid, or having Vivid hire her, Farrah explains that she shopped the tape to three different companies. Finally, Kirk believes something Farrah has said about the tape. “That’s honest. I believe that three companies came to you.”

Farrah accuses Kirk about harping on it, and eventually gets condescending to Kirk and says “Okay, today, you want to be right? You’re right today.” Kirk replied “I know I’m right today.”

After break, Kirk explains that he’s just trying to help and advices Farrah that people won’t judge her if she’s just honest about things. He praised her for being a good mom, and Farrah brings up that it was really hard for her to lose Sophia’s dad Derek.

Farrah’s parents were trying to reconcile after their divorce, which Farrah was not happy about, and she wasn’t happy with her mom Debra seeing Sophia. Farrah says that there were a lot of boundary issues and things that made Farrah upset, and she feels like when Sophia is in her mother’s care things are done “not properly for the development of Sophia.”

Farrah recounted a specific episode where she and her mom were at an airport and Debra called Sophia without letting Farrah know. Now Farrah has laid down rules that Debra has to ask Farrah for permission to call Sophia when she staying somewhere like with her great-grandparents.

When they finally get to the pregnancy test that Farrah bought because “who knows what’s going on with my body,” Kirk confronts Farrah with the statements her potential baby daddy, porn star James Deen, made. He called the pregnancy scare a publicity stunt, and called Farrah out for lying about something like that. “Joking or lying or using pregnancy to get attention and media is not cool. It involves three people’s lives including the potential unborn child,” James said. “It is not a subject to just throw around.”

Farrah’s response: “I really don’t take into consideration anything he says, and I’m not the one worried about publicity stunts, media, and attention.” (If that were true, why did she go on The Test?) “Also, I don’t ever joke about or anything around children, or my daughter, or pregnancy because I have a daughter, and he doesn’t, I know what real life is, what I’m gonna have to do if I have a child. That’s why I haven’t taken the pregnancy test, because I know it’s a financial thing.”

She said if she did get pregnant from James Deen, she would love the child like she loves Sophia, and do everything she needed to do to take care of it, but she wouldn’t be happy to have a child with someone like Deen, who she claims is in denial, and has other issues. She said she wouldn’t want him to be involved in the child’s life if she was pregnant because she says she doesn’t want somebody in her life who has “done what they have done” to her life.

Kirk: “So James Deen has done this to your life?”

Farrah: “Obviously, I should take the blame for it. I’ll just take all the blame.”

Kirk: “Just take half. That’s all. In regards to the porn, take half the responsibility. You were there.”

Farrah: “I was present.”

Of course, the pregnancy test was negative, but we all knew that anyway.

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