VIDEO PHOTOS “Gypsy Sisters” Mellie Nettie Kayla and Laura return to TLC

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Laura Mellie Kayla Stanley sisters

If there were Emmy Awards just for reality television then there’s no doubt My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding stars Mellie Stanley and Diamond would have taken home the statuette for best catfight after their vicious post-wedding altercation outside of the Berkeley County Courthouse in downtown Martinsburg, West Virginia. (Presenting the award and giving a heartfelt and emotional speech would be 2011’s winner of the award, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans.)

Let’s take a walk smack down memory lane, shall we?

The dramatic episode was such a ratings bonanza for TLC and the Americanized version of the popular My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding reality series that the network brought the “Stanley sisters” back for an hour-long follow-up special in July. But apparently that wasn’t enough to satisfy the American television viewing audience’s hunger for gypsy drama, over-the-top weddings, and teenagers dressed in very little, very shiny clothing because TLC is not only bringing Mellie, Nettie, Kayla and Laura back again, they’re giving the Stanley sisters their own series!

Stanly sisters from TLC's Gypsy Sisters Nettie Laura Mellie Kayla

Gypsy Sisters is set to premiere February 10 at 9/8c. From TLC:

Wild and wonderful West Virginia is the setting for the blinged-out brouhaha. Mother hen Nettie is keeping a close eye on Mellie, whose behavior lately has been anything but proper for a young, single gypsy woman. Mellie’s making a living and searching for love. Meanwhile, Kayla’s house is a nonstop circus since she’s taken in Laura’s family.

When the four women get together — whether it’s for a little fun or for some serious family business — the fists come out. Grab your bleach and your tightest dress. You’re going to want to look good for this premiere. Watch the sneak peek below!

UPDATE – Click here to check out the first official photos and bios of the Gypsy Sisters gals released by TLC!

I’m not sure when the series was filmed, but I think I can provide a little bit of a SPOILER by telling you…

Mellie is currently pregnant! She refers to her significant other as hubby often on her Facebook page, but there’s no evidence they have actually tied the knot. When they do, I’m SURE the TLC cameras will be there and we’ll see it eventually. Let’s just hope Diamond chooses to stay at home! (Actually, you know we’re all hoping she shows up at the wedding looking for trouble!)

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley

Parents of preteen girls need to go ahead and prepare now because Mellie is going to be the new tween idol — sort of a reality show version of Ke$ha with less of the marketing BS. Is there a gypsy brand of clothing out there yet? If so, I’m investing my money now!