Phaedra Parks’ Donkey Booty vs. Kenya Moore’s Stallion Booty, which DVD would you buy?


The Real Housewives of Atlanta has to have some sort of drama after Kenya and her fake boyfriend broke up and NeNe ran off to Hollywood, so the big deal now is a fight over booty DVDs. It’s come to this.

Phaedra hired Kenya to help produce her Donkey Booty workout video, but fired her after Kenya reportedly asked for 10% of the profit. Kenyra retaliated by conceptualizing a Stallion Booty DVD. Phaedra ended up making her DVD but Kenya hasn’t put one out yet. Maybe it was just a plot ploy, or perhaps she listened to the wisdom of Kandi Burruss, who basically told her it was immature to directly copy what Phaedra was doing.

When discussing Kenya’s potentially competing animal-themed workout Derek J quipped “One’s gonna firm, one’s gonna jiggle.”

Phaedra pointed out that a stallion is a male horse, but Kenya didn’t care because she says it’s all about how beautiful the body is.

UPDATE – Kenya Moore’s workout DVD will be released March 5! It seems she has backed off the “Stallion Booty” concept a little though — the name of the DVD will be “Booty Boot Camp” instead. (Just click the link for all the details!)

Just for fun’s sake, which kind of booty would you prefer having (or looking at)?

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