Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift’s rumored new boyfriend, already got a tattoo for her

Ed Sheeran dating Taylor Swift

US Weekly reported that Taylor Swift recently split from her Kennedy love Conor, and now it looks like she may have another boyfriend.

Taylor is said to be growing “increasingly close” to 21-year-old British singer Ed Sheeran, and there are some Instagram photos to prove it. Not only are they hanging out together, but Ed has a RED tattoo on his arm. It’s definitely in homage to Taylor’s latest album because it’s in the same color and font.

Ed Shareen RED tattoo Taylor Swift new boyfriend

Ed and Taylor have already worked together on the duet “Everything Has Changed” for her RED album, and they will be touring together for Taylor’s 45-date tour next year.

Even if they’re not dating (it would probably better if they’re not, considering their upcoming tour,) they definitely think the world of each other. A few months ago Taylor said Ed was her favorite British artist, and Ed REALLY gushed about her to Australian Hearld Sun:

“As a person, Taylor’s such a sweetheart. [She’s] the perfect example of what musicians should be and how they should work and react. She just loves music and she’s not in it for anything else.”

UPDATE: Gossip Cop has a source telling them that Taylor and Ed are just friends.

Just a thought, but these romance reports might be coming from the Swift/Sheeran publicity department to drum up a little interest in Sheeran’s music since he’s joining her on tour and all. Just a thought.