PHOTOS VIDEOS Mama Elsa Patton collapses at Real Housewives of Miami Premiere party

Real Housewives of Miami's Marysol Patton and mom Elsa Patton

The cast of The Real Housewives of Miami were all at the The Forge in Miami Beach Sunday night to celebrate this Thursday night’s Season 2 premiere, but the celebratory atmosphere dissipated when show matriarch “Mama Elsa” Patton collapsed to the floor!

After walking the red carpet, the charismatic 76-year-old was inside near the bar when she reportedly collapsed. Her 45-year-old daughter, and RHOM cast member, Marysol Patton was with her throughout the incident and she explained what happened to Cultist earlier today:

“There were a couple of things that happened,” she told Cultist. “She hadn’t really eaten all day, and wasn’t feeling good to begin with. When we arrived, she was a little nervous because she has never walked a red carpet before. Once inside, she was swarmed by people. Then, plus the fact it was so hot, we were all suffocating. Then all of a sudden, she just collapsed. She is getting older; it happens.”

Real Housewives of Miami's mama Elsa collapses at Season 2 premiere party

But Mama Elsa fans can rest easy, Marysol says her mother OK. “Don’t worry, mom is fine,” Marysol says. “We went to the hospital right after it happened and got home around 3 a.m.”

Marysol tweeted yesterday, “Update… Mom is home from the emergency room and she says ‘Aayyyy thank you caring and making me trend on twitter’ #sheloveshertweeps”

Here’s a video taken at the scene after Mama Elsa’s collapse:

And an interview with her on the red carpet beforehand in which she advises those watching to stay single and steal jewelry:

It’s so good to hear Mama Elsa is doing well! Stay tuned for more photos of the ladies from the premiere.


Photos: Mike Jachles / Splash News