VIDEO Boy from Time breast-feeding cover was already a YouTube star

Time breast-feeding boy Aram was a viral video star

Like many folks I was taken aback a little and also had my interested peaked by the Time magazine cover featuring Jamie Lynne Grumet breast-feeding her nearly 4-year-old son.

It turns out that her son Aram is already used to having his image spread across the viral landscape! In a Q&A with Time Grumet revealed that she runs a blog called I am not the Babysitter and at that site I discovered that Aram was a singing star!

In a YouTube video labeled, “Baby boy singing Lady Gaga – SO FUNNY”  Aram gets his groove on as a little monster rocking out to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.” Check it out (as over 1 million peeps already have):

It’s apparent that our little man like’s Mother Monster and still like’s mother’s milk.

In the interview Grumet gave further background on her own upbringing under attachment parenting.

We were starting the process of adoption when I got pregnant. We weren’t expecting our biological son at all. He was born two months early, and premies that age don’t have a sucking reflex. The nurses in the NICU — they kept trying to put him on formula. I couldn’t see him for three days because I was so sick. I was basically passed out from the medication they were giving me. My husband is so great — he would bring the equipment in and actually do the pumping while I was asleep. It was a full family effort. My mother breast-fed me until I was six years old until I self-weaned. Her encouragement to breast-feed is why we were so successful.

The cover image is a controversial one to say the least. It has sparked many conversations about breast-feeding and how long is too long. This is not something that is lost on Grumet.

Time: What do you say to people who say breast-feeding a 3-year-old is disturbing or wrong?

Grumet: They are people who tell me they’re going to call social services on me or that it’s child molestation. I really don’t think I can reason with those people. But as far as someone who says they’re uncomfortable with this, I don’t think it’s wrong to admit this. But people have to realize this is biologically normal. It’s not socially normal. The more people see it, the more it’ll become normal in our culture. That’s what I’m hoping. I want people to see it.

They’re definitely seeing Jamie!