Lark Voorhies from ‘Saved by the Bell’ looking drastically different these days

My girl Lisa Turtle from Bayside High always kept it real and flashed a snappy style while balancing all the romance problems between Zack, Kelly, Slater and Jessie. I love me some actress Lark Voorhies so I was pretty darn surprised when a recent video interview showed a radically different looking Lisa.

Lark sat down with Yahoo’s Michael Yo on The Yo Show to chat up the old days on Saved by the Bell and what she’s been up to recently. That’s all fine and dandy but what was really up yo, was Lark’s drastically different look! Where’s Belding when ya need him?

Being a dude I miss out on what the effects of beauty products can do but our friends over at VH1 really felt the big problem with Turtle’s look was a brutal application of makeup. To defend that analysis here’s a picture of Lark from June of 2010 with a new look but one that is not nearly as unwantedly stand-out as she is from that vid.

Lark Voorhies: EdRuvalcaba/LondonEnt/Splash News

She did state that, in spite of rumors to the contrary, she never dated Mark-Paul Gosselaar. And these days she has a new production company which features a new film called The Hope For Pandora’s Box. It’s good to hear that Lisa is still making things happen in Hollywood in a much more positive way than say, Screech.

Here’s a side-by-side to close this out and to remind us that a professional owner of a production company aught to have a personal assistant who makes sure her boss’ makeup is right and that we’re all getting older.

Lark Voorhies before and after

Everybody has favorites and if I were The Biebs I would have been rockin’ a Lisa Turtle shirt instead of a Kelly Kapowski tee!