16 & Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson-Rendon pregnant again, daughter still with Child Protective Services

Josh Rendon Ebony Jackson 16 & Pregnant

16 & Pregnant cast members Ebony and Joshua Rendon have announced that they’re expecting their second child. The big kicker here is that their daughter Jocelyn is still with Child Protective Services after it was discovered that the couple’s house was beyond filthy.

If you don’t remember their story, authorities were called to their home in Jacksonville, Arkansas and the ensuing police report and photos indicated there was drug paraphernalia on the premises as well as, “human and dog feces on the floor, walls, and clothing.”

They were arrested for child endangerment and Jocelyn was taken into protective custody. Since then both Joshua and Ebony have tried to take positive steps to literally clean up their lives including rehab for Ebony.

Joshua told TMZ that the pregnancy was unplanned and that Ebony is ten weeks along at this point. He added, “We are extremely excited for the baby.” Previously, Ebony sadly lost a baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. Following this event Ebony stated that she had thoughts of suicide and was using marijuana to, “self harm.”

The Rendons still only get to see their daughter under supervised visitation while the case is still pending. They are working the court system to try and regain custody of their daughter.

Josh emphasized that he and his wife have learned from their missteps, they’ve both completed parenting classes and their home is now immaculate. He believes they’re %100 ready for another child.

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