PHOTOS VIDEO Meet Kayla Jordan from 16 and Pregnant Season 2b

Kayla Jordan in a scene from 16 and Pregnant on MTV

MTV must have decided they would try to keep travel expenses down for this season of 16 and Pregnant by including three girls from the state of Alabama! The latest Bama mama is 18-year-old Kayla Jordan from the small town of Centre, located in northeast Alabama near the Georgia border.

As is the case with all of the “2b” girls, Kayla was filmed at approximately the same time as the moms in Season 2a, but because MTV decided to split them up with Season 2 of Teen Mom in between, their shows are being aired about the time their babies are turning one. Kayla Laray Jordan gave birth to son Rylan Jayce Davis on January 19, 2010 and the father was Kayla’s boyfriend of 14 months, John Robert “J.R.” Davis, who was 21 at the time.

Kayla Jordan and baby daddy J.R. Davis at Panama City Beach
J.R. and Kayla relaxing in Panama City Beach, Florida

Kayla was born and raised in Alabama and was 17 years old at the time Rylan was born, which was a little bit earlier than his due date. (For that reason MTV missed out on filming the birth.) Kayla is an avid Formspringer and has answered in excess of 3,000 questions since singing up for the site. As I’ve previously done with a couple of the girls from this season of 16 and Pregnant, I’ve compiled some of the most informative Q&As into the semblance of an actual interview that should provide a lot of background information on Kayla, her relationship with J.R., her struggles with being a teen mom and her thoughts about being on the show.

(It should be noted that some of the other 16 and Pregnant girls on Formspring got into a little bit of trouble from MTV for revealing a bit too much information and giving too much away about what happens in their episode. Kayle seemed very conscious of this so there isn’t much in the way of spoilers here. For instance, it’s clear that she and J.R. are now engaged, but there is no mention of that – only vague responses to marriage questions.)

I will kick things off with a preview clip of Kayla’s episode from MTV which features Kayla figuratively and literally getting back on the horse after giving birth:

PART 1 – The Basics

What’s your favorite color, hobbie, TV show, Teen mom, 16 and Pregnant season1 and 2?
Hobbie=Riding horses
TV shows=Family Guy, 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, Secret Life of an American Teenager.
Teen mom= Maci
16 and Pregnant season 1=Maci
Season 2=Chelsea

FIRST time…. 1. Drank alcohol? 2. Got kissed? 3. Got your heart broken? 4. Got arrested? 5. Smoked a cigarette? 6. Lost someone close to you? 7. Broken a bone? 8. Got cheated on? 9. Rode the city bus? 10. Went to a concert? 11. Got in a fight?
1. Middle school don’t exactly remember what grade, but I took a sip because everyone else did.
2. First little peck kiss was when I was in the 5th grade. And real kiss 7th grade.
3. Mmmm… I thought my heart was broke in 9th grade.
4. Never been arrested.
5. Ummm…9th grade, but I don’t smoke I just tried it.
6. In 4th grade when mom pawpaw died from lung cancer, exactly why I don’t smoke.
7. The summer before my 11th grade year. Got in a fight and got my nose broke…
8. When I was 14.
9. We don’t have a city bus.
10. Ummm… I think I was like 8. It was the BackStreet Boys Black and Blue tour.
11.7th grade

16 and Pregnant's Kayla Jordan before the Excel 2009 prom
J.R. and Kayla heading to prom in 2009

PART 2 – Getting Pregnant / Having Sex

How did you find out you were pregnant? What was J.R’s reaction when you told him you were pregnant? What about your parents?
Well see I didn’t think I was pregnant! I was having all the symptoms that I was about too start except my boobs were really swollen! Well I went too Wal Mart too take my test and yes took my test inside the bathroom at wal mart! Lol. Then it said pregnant! J.R. was scared/shocked! But he loved baby Rylan from the start 🙂 And my parents didn ‘t say too much. They were short of upset but very supportive.

What month did you conceive? And how far along were you when you found out?
I think it was May 28th last year! And I was 5 weeks when I found out.

how did you tell your parents that you were pregnant?
I made my mom guess. Like I told her I had too tell her something, but when it came down too it I couldn’t say it… So she guessed. And my mom broke down crying and told my dad.

how did you tell your boyfriend you were pregnant? what was his reaction?
I pulled up in his drive and layed down on the horn and he came out and I showed him the pregnancy test and he was shocked/scared, but he loved him from the start.

Where you on birth control at the time you got pregnant?
No i was on that seasonal (however you spell it) but it was messing me all up!!! So i got off of it and was gonna change too something else but then i got pregnant.

How long were you with J.R. before you got pregnant?
6 months

how old were you when you lost your virginity?
13 :/ But I was stupid and thought I was IN love and was going to be with that guy FOREVER…

13, how come you lost your V so young? how long had you dated him
Well I know I say 13, but I remembered I was actually 14 but I had just turned 14. I turned 14 on Dec. 29th and my first time was on Jan. 8th… Anywaysss.. I was thought I was so in love with this guy and that we were going to be together forever. And I was young and ignorant… So I didn’t make the best decisions.

did u lose your virginity to jr

What would be your advice on teenagers that want to have kids?
I mean that is your choice and teen pregnancy is not the worst thing that could ever happen like ppl make it out too be. But I will tell any teenager that wants too get pregnant that it’s not easy and you have too miss out on a lot. Which may not seem like a big deal now but sometimes it hurts your feelings when your friends don’t invite you places and it’s your senior year. Some ppl gain weight and never lose it. Some get stretch marks. And some ppl talk about you. I mean those things don’t really matter but those are some things teenager worry about. Another thing is that relationships are so immature right now and some couples won’t make it. Not only will you have the stress of having a new born but some couples just aren’t mature enough. And for any girl who thinks it will make the guy stay with you more than likely they won’t step up too the plate and they’ll just bail.

What would you say to some of the teens that TRY to get pregnant? I think its crazy!
I think that those young immature girls that think it’ll make their boyfriend be with them forever and always is stupiddddd! If you haven’t seen the show, it def shows that this theory is WRONG! The poor girls that think awww it is going to be SO much fun and I can dress them up with cute clothes! That is partly true, but with all fun things also comes not so fun things! It is hard. I mean do what you want, it’s your choice! But live your life, enjoy being a teenager!! You have time to be a parent later.

Kayla Jordan from 16 and Pregnant just after giving birth to son Rylan Davis

PART 3 – Giving Birth to Rylan

why was Rylan born earlier? was there a problem?
I guess he got tired of my complaining about not sleeping good at night and decided too come early. Haha! No really. I just went too my 35 week app and they said I was dialated too a 2 and 100% thinned. And too go home and pack my bags because it could be any day. It was that night.

is it true that you did things to make yourself go into labor early so that you would be able to lose the baby weight before your senior prom? If so, that is so immature and really shows that you care about yourself more than the wellbeing of your child!
Okay I’ll set the record straight now! NO I DID NOT MAKE MYSELF GO INTO LABOR! Really make myself go into labor?! That’s stupid! I walked on the thread mill and my doctor said that was fine. And you honestly have no idea what I’d do for my child!! I have never loved someone so much in my love. And even if he would have been born on his due date I would have still had a month too lose weight.

i was just wondering if you ever considered having an abortion and what are your thoughts on it. I don’t mean anything, i was just curious that’s all. =)
I have never agreed with abortion because if you read a baby book that baby is growing everyday. By the time I found out I was pregnant Rylan already had started developing a brain. So I consider it a life already. And because me and J.R. wasn’t smart enough to take all the precautions I wasn’t going to punish that little life already growing inside of me. But I also believe in pro choice. I think ppl should have the right to make their own choices.

how did you come up with the name rylan? it’s really cute and i’ve never heard it before.
i got it out of a baby book. We wanted his initials to be J.R. like his daddy’s but we couldn’t find a J name we agreed on! But one day i was looking for a R middle name and i seen Rylan and fell in love with it. So now he’s R.J.!! lol

whats the hardest thing about being a teen mom?
Umm.. Probably seeing all of my friends going off to college and leaving me behind. I mean because if I was older I would have had that experience and wouldn’t wonder what I was missing out on. I mean it’s sad, but oh well! I have my life here and I’m not complaining. And also me and Jr not having stable jobs and having to depend on our parents.

Kayla Jordan from 16 and Pregnant Season 2b in a formal gown

Part 4 – On doing 16 and Pregnant

Was it hard to get cast? Like as waiting for them to write you back and such on?
No not really. I sent an e-mail and i think i either got an e-mail back that night or the next day. But then they send you a questionnaire and you’ve got to fill that out and make a video and send it in. Then they ask you a MILLION questions and that’s what took forever. That took weeks it seemed like.

Can you kinda idk summarize the exprience of being on the show im 16 and mom to 2 beautiful babies a 3 year old and a 19 month old i got pregnnat in 6th grade ya ik bad but i just want to give u kuddos becuz ik u will give us teen moms a good name 🙂
I’ll try. I mean it was bad when I was in a bad mood and it was good when I was in a good mood. Like one day it’d be alright I’d get done whatever we had planned that day but when I was having a super pregnant day it’d take forever because I would be stubborn. I wouldn’t want too do anything. But over all it was a good experience. I mean at first I was worried about my show be boring and too some it may be, but I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought it was going too be. Dr. Drew said our situation was very rare with teen pregnancy. He also said it was inspirational 🙂 And I hope you still thank that when you see my show 🙂 🙂 Good luck too you and your sweeties.

why is your situation “very rare”?
Because me and JR are both still around for Rylan(if you haven’t noticed a lot of the daddy’s don’t stick around.) And Dr. Drew really like the fact that JR was actually a good active daddy and wants too marry me and wants too be the one who supports our family. And I’m finishing school here in a few days and then going too college. I know that I’m not like a first mom for all of these things, but if you watch the show you usually don’t see these things. But I told myself from the moment I found out that I was that I’m not going too let this effect my plans and even though I really wanted too quit school when my maternity was over I had too make myself.

SO when you filming for the show did you ever have like privacy or were the cameras in your face all time like when they show the girls going into labor at they’re house are camera people inside the room at like night???
Yes I had privacy. Filming is nothing like ppl think. When the girls go into labor there is someone close by. Its called labor watch and they aren’t constantly filming unless something is going on, but they come down like a month before the girls due date and the girl gives them a call if she goes into labor and the camera person isn’t around. And when it shows them filming all hours of the night they aren’t just standing in your room filming constantly. But they did take a night and spend the night.

Is it true your high school wouldnt let mtv video you you there on campus?
After Two A Days they won’t let MTV in any school in the state of Alabama.

“After Two A Days they won’t let MTV in any school in the state of Alabama” WHY? & i heard one of those girls got preggo too, is that true? how long have u & jr been together?
Well I heard from an insider that some of the boys lost their scholarships over things they did on the show. It wasn’t MTV”s fault. And almost a year and a half.

How did you did you do the voice overs? Did you go to a special studio? What type of things did you have to say?
I went to a studio in Birmingham, Alabama. It was just a small little studio. And you know.. Like I had to tell my story. It’s a lot to type.

are you afraid of being judged after “16 & pregnant” airs? what do you have to say to the people that think negatively about your experience? and why did you decide to air your pregnancy on “16 & pregnant”?
Yeah i am afraid, but i keep telling myself that everybody has their own opinion about things and ppl aren’t always going too agree. And some ppl may even find a reason not too like me. But i can’t let that get too my cause i’ve tried my best too be a good mother and that’s all i can do. And i wanted too air my pregnancy because i was 17 and i mean what teenager wouldn’t want too be on t.v.! So when i got pregnant i saw an opportunity and ran with it.

Are you nervous about being on TV and having people judge you on something that is so personal?
I am very nervous. I mean they don’t stay with you filming 24/7, and what they do get they have too squeeze into an hour! And you get an idea but you don’t really have the WHOLE story and ppl judge you from what they see.

so excited for your episode!!! do you regret anything in it?
Aww! I hope you like it. No, no regrets! 🙂 I signed up for the show and I;m prepared to take whatever I get out of it.

J.R. Davis Kayla Jordan and their son Rylan Davis at Kayla's high school graduation

Part 5 – J.R. Present and Future

Do u and J.r. have a job
J.R. does. I am taking the summer to spend with Rylan. But I’m about to start applying for some part-time jobs. [ed. This was five months ago]

Do you live on your own or still with your parents?
We live with my parents but once JR can find a better job then we want too get out on our own. We appreciate everything our parents have done but I feel bad that we can’t be more independent.

what do you think about tyler asking for catelynn’s phone records? would you ever agree to that?
Well I can’t judge them because I’ve recently asked for records myself

u asked JR for his phone records?
I did.

why did you ask for records?
Because I found where he had been calling a girl, but he said he hadn’t been.

did the records show he was talking to the girl r was he telling the truth?
I never did look at them

what made you think j.r was cheating on you?
Because another girls # was on his most frequently called and I’m not even on there.

I wouldnt trust what he says, if she was on his recent calls then it means something. She didnt just pop up there 4 no reason. Guys have a tendency to hide the truth any way they can, ya know?! Just sayin, i’d b a lil more sketchy! you dont wanna get hurt
I know that’s what I said to, but like I said if he is cheating on me with her than he can have her! Lol

are you getting married
Not anytime soon (yesterday)

do u think u and jr will last forever?
Who knows!? I mean we still have some growing up to do and sometimes we could do a better job at communicating. But I love him and no matter how mad he makes me sometimes I don’t want anyone else. Plus I would hate to make Rylan deal with a split family. But I wouldn’t want him to have to put up with his parents fighting all the time either. I am not one who is going to give up so easy on us.

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To keep up with Kayla, J.R. and Rylan you can follow her on Formspring at or her official Facebook fan page at (The Facebook page has tons of photos and even a number of adorable Rylan videos!)