Sister Wives surprise: Robyn wants to be Meri’s surrogate

Robyn offers to be Meri's surrogate on Sister Wives

Sunday night’s season finale of Sister Wives showed the emotional home birth of Robyn and Kody Brown’s first child together, Solomon, the 17th in the polygamous Brown family. (Click here for first photos of baby Solomon)

After the whole family crowded in to meet Solomon (even Hunter, who was reluctant about the situation) Robyn asked to speak to first wife Meri alone. Through streaming tears Robyn asked Meri, who has been unable to conceive since giving birth to her daughter Mariah more than 15 years ago, if she wanted her to be her surrogate, and carry Meri and Kody’s baby.

“I want to get you while you’re good and emotional. I want to know if you want me to be your surrogate. Taking pieces of you and pieces of Kody . . . I’m offering it, wholeheartedly.”

Meri was so overcome she could barely speak, and said “wow, thanks,” before she leaned down to hug Robyn and cry.

As mentioned, Meri has struggled with infertility for more than a decade. She has said many times that she wanted more children, and has watched sister wives Janelle and Christine give birth to six children each. During the first season of Sister Wives, Kody discussed possible in-vitro fertilization with Meri during a vacation to Mexico, but she was reluctant, and said she was done with that part of her life.

Now, it looks like she might be ready to accept Robyn’s offer. Meri and Robyn have developed a very close friendship, one that Meri said she never experienced before with her other sister wives. In fact, it was Meri that first felt a connection with Robyn, and proposed to Kody that they bring her into the family. Now, if they undergo this experience, they’ll share a REALLY special kind of bond that almost never happens. Most surrogate situations aren’t people who are close to you, let alone someone who’s married to your husband!

UPDATE June 2012: As of now there appears to be no plans for Robyn to carry Meri’s child. On the show Meri and Kody visited two fertility experts, one of which pointed out that Meri may be running out of quality eggs and suggested that she use a donor egg (a kind of ridiculous idea in these circumstances.) Meri seemed unwilling to go through with anything that didn’t use her egg, and also was unsure if she still wanted to have anther child even if she used her own eggs.

UPDATE: A year after Solomon’s birth, Meri was still unsure what she wanted to do, but felt guilty for not taking Robyn up on her offer. Meri is unsure if it’s wise to have a baby at age 42.

Would you be a surrogate to someone you love?

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47 thoughts on “Sister Wives surprise: Robyn wants to be Meri’s surrogate

  1. Some women feel totally balance while pregnant while other feel out of control. I am the latter, so being a surrogate would not be a good idea for me. However, if my sister had fertility problems I would gladly give her some of my eggs, hell even one of my ovaries if we were a match.

  2. Watching this made me cry so hard! I adore Robyn, and her relationship with Meri reminds me very much of my best friend and I. the 2 of us have even talked about being a surrogate for each other in the future if needed. I really hope Meri says yes πŸ™‚

  3. The situation makes me sick for Meri. She already said she didn’t want to try in-vitro, so why would she want a surrogate? Robyn just wants to look selfless. It was totally sad to me how Meri was acting all excited about the baby. It just seemed so fake but in a sad way. Like she didn’t want to bring everyone down with her sadness so she feels like she has to be overly happy to prove she’s ok. Infertility is hard, and I’m sure she wasn’t ok in that situation. I just feel for those ladies especially Meri!!! πŸ™

    1. Seems a bit far fetched don’t you think? Going through 9 months of pregnancy, labor, and birth, just to look good?

      1. In my opinion Robyn already knows that Meri will not take her up on this offer. I believe it is all for show. And how coincidental that it just happens to be the cliffhanger on the last episode of the season. If it was genuine and not for TV, I think it should have been done privately and without all the emotions that were involved with the new baby just having been born.

        1. Honestly, I think Robyn would do it. She seems like a genuine and emotional person and I think she would do that for Meri. If anything, she KNOWS how hard it is for Meri to put on her happy face and she KNOWS that baby after baby has not been Meri’s.
          I’m pretty sure Meri knows that she can’t carry, but is she sure it is her eggs? She has “unexplained” infertility, so honestly, this could be a better shot for her. She went through a bunch of fertility treatments in the past, but none involved a surrogate. The treatments are HORRIBLE. Believe me. They ruin your body trying to force it to conceive. I can see being over that. I can see how she would think that trying to carry is hopeless and not worth the effort, but I can also see her wanting it if it is this way. I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happens one day.

    2. Meri said no to in-vitro because they had been unsuccessful with it before and she didn’t want to go on that emotional roller coaster again. This is completely different. I think Robyn is a genuinely sweet person, and so is Meri. And while I don’t think they really need to have more children, I do hope Meri says yes. πŸ™‚

    3. i agree robin always tries to look selfless, she is always crying about something too…she is so annoying, and i understand christines jealousy, robin is not like the others, there is something about her that doesnt sit right, christines instincts are correct and she should listen to them

  4. Shame on you Mandy, for taking a beautiful situation and turning it ugly. The issue that Meri might be having is that her body can not carry a baby full term even if she did get pregnant with ivf and that is why she didn’t want to try ivf but with using Robyn’s body to carry the child this would not be a problem.

    1. Beautiful situation? Ok so figure she goes through with it. Imagine Meri’s thoughts… Robyn would be carrying Meri’s baby and having sex with Kody while Meri’s baby was inside of her!!! That is sick and twisted and disgusting!!! If you think that’s beautiful you need your head examined! Don’t even get me started on the fact that the very last thing this family needs is another baby. The teenage children of the family are even smart enough to see that. Robyn and Christine don’t even want to raise the ones they have. They both pawned off a daughter each onto Meri. Oh poor Meri can’t have a baby, here have one of my extras. WTF does that say to those girls?

      1. Mandy are you kidding me? You’re taking a beautiful thing and finding anything wrong with it that you can. Robyn was simply offering, telling Meri that this is something she wants to give her, IF Meri wants it. Just like Kody’s suggestion to try IVF, thats what this was, a suggestion. Nothing says that Meri has to say yes, and you have NO idea how she felt about it. I really doubt she got as defensive as you.

        And as far as Robyn and Christine’s daughters living with Meri, those girls asked to go. You really need to pay more attention when watching this show.

        1. I didn’t say anyone was forcing Meri to do anything I don’t know how you got to that conclusion. I think it’s disgusting. That’s my opinion. As far as the little girls “asking” to go live with Meri.. I don’t remember it that way. But if they did that’s still horrible! What is going on in those homes that they want to leave their own mother? Would you be ok with it if your child asked to go live with someone else? That would be my worst nightmare!!! I personally had my child so I could raise him myself. What a concept!

          1. I agree with Mandy. I do not think Robyn’s intentions are 100% pure and honorable. Meri already said no to fertility treatments and seems to be okay that her daughter is leaving the house in the next year. Meri was going to school in Utah to become a counsuler and worked with troubled youth. I saw that as a wonderful “calling” to have and she could really make a difference in kids lives without have anymore biological kids. I think Robyn likes the attention of being pregnant or maybe the are doing this to make the show go on. They have no way to support themselves. The real estate broker thing did not work out, they tried selling fitness water but that hasnt panned out and there is no gym yet or in the works(and I would be okay if they did a gym if at least one of the wives lost weight, but in the birth episode, Janelle is still eating peanut butter covered fritos so I do not think they are living the healthly lifestyle).
            I live in an area with lot so of polygamists, and I have not heard of any doing the surrogate thing. They usually have enough kids to love in the family(like the older kids said, they already have enough kids for what they can afford, some polygamist are very wealthy or educated (dr’s nurses lawyers etc) and can afford 50+ kids, Kody can’t).
            I do think that Robyn and Meri are closer then the others. They believe in the lifestyle the most. Mariah(who will IMO be the first kid to marry a polygamist) was the only kids really crying and excited about Solomon. I think Robyn wants to be accepted and Meri and Mariah are the ones putting forth the most efforts. Robyn is the worst mom of the bunch and I hope that she stops having kids. I can see her desire to have a kid with Kody to seal them forever, but she treats her other kids second rate. Meri is about to have an empty nest and be able to hopefully get the career she wanted so I think the surrogate thing should be left alone.

      2. Mandy: For someone who is so disgusted and disapproving of the Brown’s family situation…you seem to be watching it and taking in every word! As far as your comment regarding Robin’s surrogate offer coveniently coming on the last show of the season…I guess you hadn’t noticed that Robin gave birth on that day as well. Do you think the producers sat around for over a year with a calendar and a bunch of ovulation test-strips to see exactly when Robin and Cody should conceive?? Give it a rest. Personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable in or with the family’s living arrangement, but I do like the family, children, wives, and Kody. I think they’re good, loving people, who seem to have allowed their children to make life choices for themselves once they are emancipated. Certainly nothing like that in Warren Jeff’s (FORMER) household!!!

        1. Jill, you seem to think that Robyn gave birth on the last day of filming or something. TLC chooses when the season ends. They could have filmed for another week, or a week less, for example. They chose to end the season where they did and with the perfect cliffhanger. They edit the show, and we only see what they want us to see. You really aren’t that naive, are you? I do agree with you that these are for the most part good people. All but Kody. I believe these women think that they are doing the right thing according to their religion, just like Warren Jeffs did.

          1. Wow. This Mandy chick is pretty ignorant. I’d say she was an internet troll, but it looks like she honestly believes what she types.

              1. Mandy:
                Seriously, if you disapprove and have such strong oppinions- stop watching the show! Problem solved. It doesn’t matter to anyone if you watch the show. And noone here cares what you have to say either. The Browns aren’t going to change their lifestyle because an ignorant woman comments on an irrelevant website. Noone here is going to change their oppinions of the Browns either, they are just never going to name they daughter Mandy because they read from an ignorant b!ch on a website named Mandy. So go find a life- noone here wants to hear your stupid, snarky comments on people you don’t even know.

    2. if her body could not carry a baby i dont think KODY would have suggested IVF he would what the problem was dont you think?

  5. Wow! Was not expecting that! It would be SO wonderful if Meri accepts Robyn’s offer to be her surrogate! I think that was just an amazing idea on Robyn’s part.

    Mandy- I’m fairly certain the emotions in this episode were genuine. Meri and Robyn are best friends. Meri was the one who wanted Robyn in the family in the first place. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting this blessing though!

    Angelika- I believe you’re right about her not being able to carry a baby full term, as Meri did say she had been pregnant a few more times and experienced miscarriages. What you said makes a lot of sense.

    I can’t wait for next season! I want to know if Meri accepts Robyn to be her surrogate.

    1. I’m simply going off of what I see on the show. To me Meri is putting on a front. I don’t doubt that she loves Robyn and that they are close. I do though see the pain in Meri’s eyes. Maybe other people see it differently. I think Meri feels she has to be happy, after all she is the one who brought Robyn into the family. But that doesn’t mean she is happy with every situation or that she doesn’t feel pain, jealousy and regret. Unfortunately their religion teaches them that their feelings are not valid and should be pushed down to somehow grow spiritually. I know one thing, after I watched the show last night I snuggled extra close to my loving husband who only has eyes for ME.

      1. Mandy, you seem to responding emotionally to this genuinely lovely offer because of your personal issues regarding their lifestyle.
        Your feelings are understandable (I would be a TERRIBLE sister wife)but they are not reflective of what I watched last night.
        Those women are COMMITTED to that family as hard as it may be for us to understand.
        It’s not disgusting, or evil, or shameful (and yes I am a Christian) it’s just different. I know two things without doubt – #1 I am in no position to judge others and #2 what I witnessed in the show’s final moments last night was a tribute to love and generosity. without limit or concern for self.

        1. Look, I’m not a heartless biotch. I cried during that episode. Like I said, I see pain in Meri’s eyes. But really, you don’t think a man having sex with 4 different women is disgusting? You don’t think a man kissing another woman while his wife is in labor is wrong? I guess I’m just spoiled because my husband respects me so much and treats me like a queen and he is my king and we belong to each other. I’m not christian I’m atheist so I go off of what is right and wrong and their lifestyle is wrong. The only person it is good for is Kody. He jumps in his Lexus going from house to house always having his needs met by someone. On the other hand his wives are without him 75% of the time. That is not marriage. That is having 4 mistresses.

          1. They all agreed to this lifestyle before they said “I do”. So while I would be mad if my husband was kissing someone while I was in labor or any other time, I don”t think it was a bad thing for Kody to kiss Meri when she left. It was a quick kiss and hug, not a make out session.

            1. What about the children? Did they agree to this? Seemingly not, judging by how most of the teenage children can’t wait to get out of there and are so unhappy you would have to be blind not to see it. That is them on camera, can you imagine how bad they really feel when not editing themselves for TV?

              1. Are we watching the same show? The kids do not seem at all unhappy about the lifestyle. The kids have only been truly upset by the move. Yes, some of them have stated they do not wish to live the same lifestyle, but I haven’t heard any of them express unhappiness over their lifestyle in general.

                And, as for having four mistresses, surely he could do that in a less expensive manner?

                I’m just saying, that outside the attention they’ve received for going public, they seem like a very happy family. Should they have expected this kind of attention? Surely. And, I think, to an extent, they did. But, I am thrilled they’ve come forward, and not just because of the entertainment value. It’s people like the
                Browns that make this world an easier place for other people who live similar (or maybe even completely different, but just as unaccepted) lifestyles.

                The wives have outlined so many wonderful benefits they reap from this life, but I notice that when it comes time to Kody bash, people seem to forget that.

      2. Well that episode made me cry!! Wether it was for (ratings) like some of you suggest, hell if it was just for ratings the show did an awesome job lol cause i will be waiting for next season

  6. My husband and I went through about every infertility treatments out there. It is very difficult not only on the wallet but on the couples relationship and their minds. We had taken out loans, remorgaged our home just to try to get pregnant. We tried for 6 years. After 2 miscarriages and numerous failures I gave up. It broke me. I felt like dieing. I felt that I was worthless and begged my husband to leave me so that he could be a father. We tried adoption, went through most of the pregnancy with our potential birth mother to be turned away the day the baby was born. My sister came to me and asked if she could be my serogant mother. I have no eggs so she donated hers to me. She carried me a beautiful little girl. I got to be at every doc appointment and at the birth. my little girl is now 5 and it was the best decision we ever made. P.S. Just because she wants to do it does not mean she will pass the things you have to go through to proceed. We had to take classes and both talk to councalers (sp?) before we could move forward. I say if Meri wants this there is nothing more that will bond them together for life. A child is a gift that trumps all other gifts. I am happy to say that I have adopted 2 other children through foster care since my oldest was born. I couldnt love my kids anymore if I had conceived them and carried them myself.

  7. This show teaches love and acceptance. I love all 4 of the wives-especially Meri and Robyn. I really hope that Meri accepts Robyn’s generous offer,and if she does I’ll be praying that it works out. What a beautiful friendship they have:)

  8. Robyn does well with pregnancy and delivery. She births all her babies at home and she believes this is what she was born to do. Good for her and Meri. What one can’t do, the other does effortlessly. Seems like a win win to me. This decision is deeply personal and not ours to make. They did, however, make it fodder for our opinions by airing it on national tv. I’m sure the views of viewers matter not to the Browns though. They are obviously marching to their own drummers. But it’s good that folks are giving their opinions either way. I’m sure my family does things that would horrify the Browns….like wearing one shirt at a time!!! I love the show. They seem like nice folks.

  9. Mandy — I feel like you are not seeing the big picture here. No, we do not live in the polygamist lifestyle. But they do. Do you really think that Kody would take on 4 wives just to get his “fix”? You forget to realize, he has to support 4 women. He has to be fathers to all those kids. He has to take on all the financial and emotional responsibilities of not only having one wife, but having four. Sex is FREE. Wives are NOT.

    On the concept of Meri and Robyn, I love it. I believe Meri is an upfront, caring woman. If she doesn’t want Robyn to be a serrogate for her child, she’ll tell her. If you think that Meri is hurt through this kind gesture, imagine what she felt when her sister wives conceived 6 babies each? If I was in that position, it would not offend or hurt me if my sister wife offered me an incredible selfless gesture like that.

    And, if you think that Robyn is doing this for publicity? Would you carry a child for nine months, enduring morning sickness, weight gain, and hours upon hours of hard labor, JUST for a good image? No.

    1. I think you are the one who is not seeing the bigger picture. I do think he has 4 wives to get his fix. Can you imagine the ego boost of having 4 wives trying to be the best wife and vying for your attention constantly? He must think he is a major stud! As for supporting them, both Janelle and Meri had jobs before they moved to Vegas. So they were actually financially supporting the family (combined) more than Kory was. They also collected food stamps and welfare by defrauding their state. Also, Janelle, Christine, Robyn and Kody have all filed for bankruptcy. Yet Kody drives his Lexus while some of his wives cars don’t even have hubcaps. They live in 4 really nice homes but were collecting food stamps as recently as 2010. And let’s be honest, it is just not possible for one man to spend quality time with 17 children. He is only at their house once every four days. When he is finally at their home they have to compete with their siblings for his attention. I read somewhere else someone put it like this – If this were a black man with 4 “baby mamas” who kept having children he couldn’t afford, all while collecting welfare and throwing it in the public’s face with a TV show, the public outcry would be deafening!!! But Kody is a smooth talking white man, who does these things in the name of religion, so it’s ok for him? Hmmm…

      1. Mandy, I wasn’t aware that they defrauded their state and collected foodstamps…. where did this information come from? I love this family and I don’t miss a single episode, but I can kinda see your point about a black man with 4 baby mamas..ect,ect,ect. I find myself torn about how I feel about how they live..One part of me thinks that having sister wives would be fun and beneficial, and the other part of me thinks it would be disgusting! I do love the show though and wish them all nothing but the best!

      2. If you think the show is so nasty and you don’t agree with what they are doing why are you even watching the show? If I don’t like something I don’t watch it or mess with it. Who cares what they do. It’s their personal lives. It’s just a TV show for entertainment purposes people!

        1. I never said I don’t like the show. I love the show! It amazes me how some people live. Just because I don’t agree with their lifestyle doesn’t mean I hate them or want bad for them!

  10. First of all I dont agree with the lifestyle that the Brown family lives…But I do watch the show and when Robyn offered to be a surrogate for Meri it really touched me…I know how difficult it is to have a child and for someone to offer that gift to another person is truly amazing…I hope Meri accepts…I cant wait till next season to see what unfolds…

  11. This is my two cents after reading all of these posts. I am a Christian and married. On that note I wouldn’t be able to accept my husband with another wife. This is considered cheating. The idea of Robyn a a surrogate does bother me, it is touching, however I wouldn’t be able to even begin to figure out how this would affect the rest of the family. 14 biological children and 3 step children is enough to anyone. What I do have a problem with is peoPle exploiting their children and families. My question is this… Families like the Duggar s, the Brown s and Jon and Kate are they able to support their children without the help of TLC? Are they able to afford Healh insurance, food and clothing if their show gets cancelled?

    In America we have so many children already that are living in poverty and need help from charity or welfare. I believe that if you can afford children have them. But if you can t then do not. As for the Browns I can t say that having that many children is a good idea, or it Robyn offering Meri a chance for another child is for the show or not. But as a Chrisitian I ll send prayers their way, right or wrong I am not to judge.

    1. I have a few issues with the behavior of some of these families that bring cameras in to their homes.I was not aware that the Browns were on assistance(food stamps). The Duggars are debt free. They were debt free before TLC came a long..Their home was already built etc. They work to support themselves.
      As far as the show Sister Wives..yes I do watch it. The 3 (first wives)were married to Kody before children came along.Not sure how long before children, but were they all in the same home with different bedrooms..that I find creepy. But to each his own. They are not hurting anyone. The kids know no better as they grew up with 3 moms. Robyn coming along has stirred some feelings of jealousy up for kids and moms. It is visible that there is a struggle going on for them all. Robyn is getting much more attention from Kody.This weeks episode really showed that. Kody brought 3 helpers over to Robyn to help pack and Meri was left to do it alone. She even said something about it and doing it alone. Kody is not that involved with disciplining the kids. When the fight broke out in the back of the car it was Jenelle that dealt with it. Kody didn’t say a word. Meri mentioned during the interview that she didn’t see anything wrong with one parent taking care of discipline and if they brought Kody in to it ,he would always be the bad guy. That made me think that maybe there is fear of him feeling like he actually has to be involved in the goings on of real day to day life and not just the “special day” that daddy visits. Just my opinion πŸ™‚

  12. Mandy, I’m so glad I’m not alone. Keep preaching, sister! It’s all about manipulation and ego. Crazy! Every episode I yell at my TV cuz Kody is such an arrogant b@stard (seriously, my neighbors get worried). Yet, I can’t look away. Who leaves Utah, the Polygamist Paradise for Vegas? In an all-fired hurry? The police told them they wouldn’t be prosecuted as long as the children weren’t being mistreated (they aren’t). So why did they run away (and apparently, still own that big ass house)? Me thinks it was some kind of fraud or other shady dealings he’d rather not expose on TLC. Something is very very fishy with their money.

    And, yes, Robyn is definitely trying to manipulate Meri into sticking with the family. I was half expecting her to shove Solomon into Meri’s arms and yell “SURPRISE! YOU JUST WON A BONUS BABY!” πŸ˜€ But, no, she wants some of Meri’s “bits” inside of her next to Kody’s “bits” (and perhaps just a little kibble. ew.)

    I have been rooting for Meri to get the heck out of this crazy family since the first episode. She seems so depressed and over this whole darn thing. And has the least to lose. “Psssst. Meri! You and Mariah can totally stay in Utah! It’s 2011! Women can vote and live on their own and get jobs and everything now!” And now Fertile Mertile is gonna ruin everything πŸ™

    (PS who has a baby at their house? In their bed? And just kind of tosses a pillow aside. Hope nothing splatters! I’m sure that thin diaper pad will be just fine. Oh well, I guess it’s full circle.)

    I don’t live anywhere near them, but there is no way in HELL (or even I-get-my-own-planet-heaven) that I’m going to a gym with 3 “curvy” girls, 1 chunky bald dude (really, Kody, nobody’s buying that elaborate feathering technique)as proprietors! I like my personal trainers to have their shit together.

    Finally, it may be not be financially “free” to have 4 wives, though no one has worked a day in this season (aside from pretending to prep an open house), it is emotionally free. When Kody has a jealous wife, or a conflict, or some kind of issue, no big. “oh, honey, I think my wife is calling me…..” and then he can completely emotionally and physically check out and escape the situation for, oh, about 4 days. Until he makes the rounds again. How convenient.

    1. We are definitely on the same page!! I don’t know how they manage to fool so many people because it is all so clear to me and apparently yourself also!

      1. Wow. You are both… Interesting.

        Skepticism is often a positive trait to have, but that should typically be balanced by some pragmatism, particularly if judgement is going to be so emotionally attached to what you believe is right or wrong.

        The points you make are worth considering, but I think you might be overcomplicating human behaviour. Between believing there is some dirty business causing the Browns to move and the very likely, if logically implausible fears of criminal prosecution for their lifestyle, I’d much sooner believe that the spotlight the Browns might have felt on them was the main reason for leaving their home and community.

        Having babies in their house? Look online – there’s a world of intelligent women in modern civilization who actively choose to remove the hospital from the process of giving birth. It’s pretty astounding if you do the research and note the effects of getting drugged up, or what a OBGYN would recommend or do for the sake of efficiency. What genuinely surprises me is how little most people realize about the more positive alternatives than the drugged-up C section.

        And then there’s Kody not being a good parent – because it’s impossible for him to be one. Sure, the children don’t get to see him as often as most kids see their fathers. But what about the love that comes from the wives and their fellow brothers and sisters?

        I guess I’m just disappointed to see this sort of lopsided, “smarter”/holier-than-thou dialogue passed off as intelligent commentary.

  13. Did you guys ever realize that this is a REALITY television show? Come on guys, most of the stuff you see on there is only half of the real truth, or it is just not reality at all. A lot of you guys think WAY too much into it. It’s a show. I feel like all of you on here that type seven pages and try to put your two cents worth into it are the people that also negatively comment on everything in life, which is also really annoying. Please, people, live your own life and stop trying to nitpick everyone else’s just because you think you know everything about their life in the 1st place. Are you jealous of their life? Or are you just trying to live vicariously though them instead?

  14. If Meri, Janelle and Christine are smart they will use this time to get slim, get some cute clothes that don’t look like a granma’s, fix their hair and makeup….at that time they might not care if Kody is around or not; but if they do the playing field will at least be even. Robyn has done a great job on becoming #1…what guy wouldn’t want to spend his time around a woman who wants to create for him a 42 year honeymoon such as Robyn claims her parents had…

  15. robin loves the attention from being pregnant so having Meris baby is a win win for her, she loves the attention from crying, she loves the attention from being the underdog, all she does is play “little ole me” routine..get over it already, have some cajones, like the other women

  16. Tonight’s show, new season. They are all approved for new homes. Who is working. None of them so how the heck can these women get a mortgage???? I don’t get it…

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