VIDEO Sad goat ends hunger strike when reunited with burro bff


Time to gather ’round the campfire y’all as I tell the you the tale of Mr. G the goat and Jellybean the burro!

Mr. G and Jellybean were taken from the home of a hoarder not too long ago where they were said to have been living in squalor. After this, they were separated for the first time in their lives as they were taken in at different animal shelters in Northern California.

Mr. G set up goat shop at the Animal Place where caretakers there noticed almost immediately that something wasn’t right. No matter what they tried, Mr. G would just lay in the corner of his stall doing his best Eeyore impersonation and refusing to eat.

After receiving a physical exam in which the goat appeared to be completely healthy it was decided that they would attempt to reunite Mr. G with his old burro buddy Jellybean to see if it might, in some way, help.

Boy did it ever!

When Jellybean arrived, the mere sound of him being rustled out of the carrying trailer caused Mr. G to rise to his goat legs and run to the door.

Within 20 minutes Mr. G was munching down the good stuff with Jellybean.


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