Amish Mafia’s John Schmucker receives jail sentence for December arrest

Amish Mafia John Schmucker mugshot photo for December arrest

Season 3 of Discovery Channel’s series Amish Mafia is set to premiere Tuesday night, but it seems the show’s producers are already getting plenty of material for Season 4 as one of the show’s stars, John Schmucker (above), was given a fine and a jail sentence by a Pennsylvania District judge on Friday and camera crews were there to capture it all.

But don’t think Levi’s henchman was busted for assaulting a rabble-rouser or smashing up a buggy, the 29-year-old Schmucker was sentenced to 90 days in prison and fined $1,000 for driving (a car not a buggy) with a suspended license — for the tenth time!

John from Amish Mafia real name is John Schmucker

According to Lancaster Online, John Schmucker was arrested in Earl Township back on December 8 and is scheduled to begin his sentence on March 31. But, Schmucker’s attorney, Steven Breit, reveals he plans on filing an appeal and will request house arrest in lieu of jail time.

“You should be punished for this type of conduct,” Breit of the judge’s sentencing. “But, driving without a license is not the crime of the century. It’s being treated that way.” Breit says the ten violation were over a period of years and that his client, prior to the most recent violation, was scheduled to have the suspension lifted in February, 2015.

“Why should he languish in Lancaster County Prison?” Breit said. “House-arrest is a viable alternative.”

Amish Mafia Esther Schmucker and brother John Schmucker

John Schmucker is the real life brother of co-star Esther Schmucker (seen together in the above promotional photo), who has been spending her fair share of time in court as well after her boyfriend Imir R. Williams was arrested for brutally assaulting her back in October. “I lost who I was because of him,” Esther later said of the attack, which will be featured prominently in Season 3 judging from a preview clip that shows Esther with a huge black eye.

Amish Mafia Season 3 premieres Tuesday night, February 25 at 9/8c on Discovery.

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