Amanda Bynes tweets topless photos, remains non-erratic

Amanda Bynes continues her non-erratic behavior by seemingly playing a game of strip poker on Twitter. Last night we got to see the former actress modeling a lacy black bra as Amanda lamented that she needed to lose 35 more pounds to get to her 100 pound goal. Tonight the bra cam off as Amanda Bynes posed completely topless for a couple more cellf portraits from her favorite place to take photos — her bathroom.

The photo above was accompanied by “Rawr!” and this next photo was captioned, “Long hair don’t care:”

In both photos Amanda is sporting torn black stockings, a pair of panties, and a gold watch — that’s pretty much it. The photos in the post have been censored — to see the unedited Amanda Bynes topless photos just head on over to titpic Twitpic: 1 2 (I should warn you that we used a bit of Photoshop to enhance the colors and contrast a bit to help bring out Amanda’s lack of crazy a little better — the originals are a bit more, ummmm… atmospheric?)

At this rate, we should see Amanda Bynes completely nude by the end of the week, and by Monday she will have recorded and shared her own sex tape with James Deen. After that I’m not sure — but I will definitely be tuned in to find out!