Amanda Bynes caught smoking out of a drug pipe while driving on a suspended license

Amanda Bynes Mug Shot

Amanda Bynes is at it again. After two hit-and-runs, a DUI, and several other vehicle-related incidents, the troubled child star has hit an all new low. On Tuesday, photographers spotted Amanda behind the wheel again and this time she was smoking out of a drug pipe. On top of that, her license is suspended, so Amanda shouldn’t have been behind the wheel at all.

According to TMZ, Amanda had been driving aimlessly for hours around the streets of Los Angeles while smoking out of what appeared to be a marijuana pipe designed to look like a cigarette lighter. The site also shows photos of the inside of her vehicle was a disgusting mess.

The interior of Amanda’s BMW was covered in a marijuana-like substance (some of the pieces appeared burnt as if they had already been smoked), dog hair, and trash including empty bottles. The seats were stained and clothing and other items were strewn about.

Amanda Bynes driving car recklessly

TMZ first spotted Los Angele’s worst driver ever aka Amanda at a Baja Fresh in the San Fernando Valley where they witnessed her smoking from the drug pipe in their parking lot. From there, she headed to the spa where she remained for the next 3 hours. Following her rub down, Amanda drove around for several hours before visiting a Home Depot where she purchased three colored light bulbs and then, you guessed it, took another drag from her pipe.

Amanda’s license had been suspended on August 25 which was likely a result of her refusing to take a sobriety test back in April when she was accused of driving under the influence. In California, the law states that if a driver refuses a sobriety test at any time, their license is to be suspended automatically. However, since the incident occurred several months ago, it’s odd that hers never was until last month. If it had been, several accidents would have been avoided.

Amanda is due back in court on September 27 where she’ll face a year behind bars for her hit-and-runs. No word on what the court will do with this new information.

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