DARCEY AND STACEY have hair extension rituals with prayers and sage

Darcey and Stacey Silva go to extremes to achieve the outward appearance they want. For Season 2 of their TLC show they took a”spiritual” vacation to Turkey to get a plastic surgery “Twinsformation.” The sisters also get regular long blonde hair extensions, and they have attach some spirituality to this regular practice as well.

On episode 2 of Season 2, the girls ask their hairstylists for a minute to perform a ritual on their new hair.

“So we just want to bless it, and you know, this hair, please lord God, love us, honor us, and cherish us with this hair,” Darcey begins their blessing.

“Only good things come from this hair,” Stacey continues the blessing. “We rebuke any evil energy once we attach it to our heads,” Stacey says.

The twins explain that they started this ritual because they feel like they’ve gotten negative energy from past hair bundles. They want to get rid of any negativity that the hair might be carrying from the person before. This implies that the women get real hair extensions and fear that bad vibes from the people who grew the hair might attach to it.

“Whatever negative energy is on that batch of hair, we let it go,” Stacey asks.

“We just want positivity, light, and happiness,” Darcey adds.

After prayers, the twins light some sage to cleanse the hair, which is a dangerous practice as the hair could ignite if they get the sage too close.

They both feel like they’ve gotten some “bad batches” before, but Darcey is sure which batch of hair was the worst for her. “That dark hair that I wore in Amsterdam was a very bad batch,” Darcey says, referencing her trip to see her ex Jesse Meester for the first season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

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Photos via TLC

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