Jesse responds to ‘overly obsessed’ Darcey continuing to talk about him by continuing to talk about her

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Jesse says Darcey is obsessed because she won't stop talking about him on the show

On the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Darcey Silva is preparing to jet off to England in hopes of getting engaged to yet another European man she’s never met in person. Despite her obsession with her new boob-loving British bae, Darcey can’t seem to stop talking about her ex twin flame, Jesse Meester.

Although Jesse claims to be completely unaware of what is happening on the show, his fans tipped him off to Darcey’s numerous comments about him. Not one to let Darcey have the only say about anything, Jesse posted a reaction statement in which he says Darcey is “still overly obsessed” with him.


Let me set the stage a bit…

In Sunday night’s episode of Before the 90 Days, Darcey was talking with her twin sister Stacey as she packed for her trip to England. Of course, Jesse came up in their conversation, and Darcey reveals that Jesse recently called her at 3AM in the morning. She says she didn’t answer the call because she doesn’t want to invite that negativity back into her life, all while talking at length about Jesse and essentially inviting all that negativity back into her life.

Darcey then showed Stacey (and the cameras) a series of text messages she exchanged with Jesse. Here’s a screen cap of that conversation:

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Jesse and Darcey texts

Darcey does talk about Jesse A LOT on the show, but she almost has to because that is the context in which viewers know her. It does come off as a little obsessed and cringey, but those are two of Darcey’s trademark qualities that have made her so much fun to watch over multiple seasons.

Speaking of obsessed and cringey, Jesse claims that he doesn’t watch every single second of every episode as soon as he is able (some folks have their doubts about that), but he caught wind of Darcey’s constant name dropping thanks to his “loyal fans.” He responded by penning a lengthy statement condemning Darcey and claiming that he (and his lawyer!) have made it clear to Darcey that he wants no communication with her whatsoever.

Here is Jesse’s statement in its entirety:

I’m here having a great time in Santorini with real loved ones and I’m not aware of a “show ex” on a new season, nor do I care. I do, however, appreciate all of you loyal fans and your concern how this “show ex” still talks about me and uses my name in where she’s clearly given a platform again to be exploited and manipulate her own reality a little longer. It is saddening, to say the least. And ethically and morally challenging when you know there are so many underlying issues. Even more challenging when there are kids involved and to witness destructive behavior (of which Thank God a lot is not shown for viewers discretion) but remains as painful. The constant lying to fit her reality is sad. When you helped someone with her debt, gave her places to stay, opened up a bank account for her to use with her own card, the Greece trip I surprised her with and so much more. Don’t be fooled by being older and automatically paying for things or “designer bags”. Somebody paid for that.

My lawyer was clear last year to stop stalking me and my family. June 20th at 8:31 AM EST was the last time she tried calling me and my mom. Numerous texts, e-mails, calls and disturbing messages I will not address online. What I hoped for is she could move on and those close to her would protect her from herself. I answered her phone call last year for the last time (before blocking) to tell her to leave me and my family alone. I was clear: “we are not interested in hearing from you or you reaching out”. You took my money, and even more importantly; my time. You’ve mistaken my kind acts for weakness. It’s saddening, as I can go on and on how someone who proclaims to have moved on is still overly obsessed and secretly tries to get back to me when the clock turns midnight.

Truly appreciate you all. Thank you for all the support and will never take that for granted.

#TLC #BeforeThe90Days

Ouch! That is A LOT of shade! Jesse mentions that he blocked Darcey after speaking with her last year, but Darcey’s phone shows that he attempted to call on January 16. Of course, it’s easy to create a fake contact under the name Jesse and have that person call you.

Darcey has yet to respond to Jesse’s statement publicly. Am I the only one hoping that this might inspire her to write a new song for the Silva Twins? I’m thinking they could title it “Jesse’s Girl” and put a whole new spin on Rick Springfield’s classic!

?…You know
I’m glad that I’m not Jessie’s girl
I’m glad that I’m not Jessie’s girl
Don’t wanna be a woman like that…

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