Alaska The Last Frontier Season 7 updates and premiere date from the Kilchers

Alaska The Last Frontier Season 7 2

Summer is drawing to a close, which is good news for a lot of reasons–but, if you’re a fan of the Kilcher family, you’re extra excited, since autumn is always when Discovery rolls out another season of Alaska: The Last Frontier. 2017 will be no different, and we’ve got a few updates from the 49th state ahead of the Alaska The Last Frontier Season 7 official premiere date announcement.

For starters, it looks like the prodigal daughter may have returned for another go-round. Jewel Kilcher, who finally appeared on her family’s show during Season 6, spent a considerable chunk of the summertime visiting the Kilcher homestead right when the cameras *should* have been rolling. Though it’s possible that Jewel could have turned down any offer to be on the show again and simply wanted to spend time with her family (she’s especially eager for her son Kase to get to know his cousins), that decision would have presented a logistical nightmare for the production crew.

So, we can’t say with 100% certainty that Jewel will spend some more time jamming with Atz Lee during Season 7. But we can tell you that they’ve already done it (and on a stage, no less), and it would be a real shame if the cameras were AWOL:

Here’s a few more updates from Jewel’s visit. Several of them are gorgeous enough to induce jealousy and / or Alaska TLF withdrawal, so proceed with caution:

Missing Alaska! This pic was taken right in front of the cabin where I grew up. Things were not easy all the time, but nature was one of my great teachers and the antidote to so many ills. I feel so grateful for nature and how it reminds us of our humanity, our naturalness, and connectedness. Simple things are what bring us lasting joy and satisfaction. Nature taught me that listening deeply and going with the rhythm of things and allowing them to unfold with purpose and intention rather than forcing them will always afford a better outcome. As I am back here in the States I try to carry this peace and stillness with me. that nature and writing taught me. I have a grateful heart. #atlf @nikoskilcher @atzkilcher @atzlee @alaskatlf @shanekilcher

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Since you’re no doubt salivating over those views and in serious need of a Kilcher fix, take heart: the official Alaska The Last Frontier Season 7 premiere date is only a few weeks away. While Discovery hasn’t yet announced the date, Charlotte Kilcher recently confirmed that she and Otto will be doing regular Facebook Live events “where you can join us throughout the new season in the Fall.”

Plus, as devotées of the show have already pointed out, every single new season of the show since 2012 has debuted on either the first Sunday in October–except for Season 6 last year, which kicked off on the second Sunday. So, if Discovery holds true to that formula, we should expect to see Alaska The Last Frontier premiere on either October 1st or October 8th.

Finally, here’s Atz Lee helping you kill some time before the season premiere by teaching you how to strum the ATLF theme song:

(Photo credits: Alaska The Last Frontier Season 7 via Instagram)

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