After bashing childhood in the press, Jill Dillard is now praising mom Michelle Duggar

19 Kids and Counting star Jill Dillard has made it clear that she is critical of the conservative Christian teachings that she was raised on.

After airing out her family’s dirty laundry to the press, she’s now praising mom Michelle Duggar for choices she made while raising kids.

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19 Kids and Counting 

19 Kids and Counting was a reality show on TLC during the 2000’s. Cameras followed the Duggar family, led by Jim Bob and Michelle, and their 19 kids. The family is conservative Fundamentalist Christian and follow the doctrine of the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Since the cancellation of the series for legal issues with eldest son Josh Duggar, the family has become very fractured between those choosing to continue living their parent’s lifestyle and those seen as “rebels.”

All of the adult Duggar daughters have broken rules set forth by their parents. The first to speak out publicly as part of a docuseries is Jill Dillard.

Jill Dillard

Jill Dillard is Jim Bob and Michelle’s 4 child. She was the first Duggar girl to get married, uniting with Derrick Dillard in 2014. The couple has 3 children: Israel, 8, Samuel, 5, and Frederick, 1.

The Dillards have been vocal in the press about the trauma that they have suffered because of Jill’s parents. Accusations of being withheld pay, crossing boundaries, anger issues and “cult-like” behavior. 

The documentary Shiny, Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets exposed the IBLP for its history of misogyny and abuse. The Dillards were eager participants along with their cousin Amy King.

Jill and Derrick have also written a book together called Counting the Cost which directly puts her family on blast. Jill has been in contact with some of her siblings, but allegedly is estranged from Jim Bob after he said he would cut her out of his will.

Praise for Michelle Duggar

After all of this we thought that the lines were drawn in the sand, but a shocking update has us a little confused… Jill is now singing mom Michelle Duggars praises when it comes to how she was raised.

In an Instagram post discussing cooking, Dillard gives a shout out to her mother saying she was “great” when it came to letting (the kids) help in the kitchen.

What’s interesting about this is that kitchen duties are part of the patriarchal system the Duggars put in place. There were also times when all of the oldest girls were fully in charge of all child rearing responsibilities.

Jill has spoken out about this, and her family’s use of the “buddy system” critically in both her memoir and on the docu-series.

Why Jill is praising Michelle making her kids do the kitchen work now is definitely curious. Could she be trying to get back in Jim Bob’s good graces?

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