Sandra Bullock’s stalker had an arsenal of weapons, including two machine guns

'Gravity' press conference in Japan


Joshua James Corbett, already charged with burglary after breaking into Sandra Bullock’s home on June 8th, has been further charged with nearly two dozen felonies. Among them: seven counts of possession of a machine gun and two counts of possession of an illegal assault weapon.

At a court appearance last week, Corbett pleaded not gulity to breaking into Bullock’s home, and was ordered to stay 200 yeards away from her. The gun charges came up later and were introduced separately.

Corbett broke into Bullock’s home at around one o’ clock in the morning on the 8th, after the actress had returned home from the 2014 Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards. At the time, he was not in possession of the machine gun, and was only charged with burglary.



A search of Corbett’s home on June 9th uncovered the illegal weaponry.

Bullock’s attorneys claim that Corbett has a history of “willfully, maliciously and repeatedly” harrassing their client. On Wednesday, they requested that his bail be increased from $185,000 to $2 million.

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