Adrienne Maloof’s son Christian breaks 3 fingers, CPS notified

Adrienne Maloof on 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Adrienne Maloof rushed one of her 6-year-old twins, Christian, to the emergency room at Cedars Sinai Medical Center this morning after he broke three fingers. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was said to be beside herself with worry and concern about her son’s injuries, but now, she may have something else to worry about.

According to Radar Online, Child Protective Services has been officially notified about the incident and may be investigating the situation further to ensure that nothing was intentionally done to the child. This is the second time in two months that CPS has been notified of an event involving Christian.

Adrienne Maloof Paul Nassif and their two twin sons Christian and Colin
^ Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif playing with twin sons Christian and Colin in August, 2011

A source explains, “Anytime a child comes to the hospital and suffers a mysterious or hard to explain injury, Child Protective Services is immediately notified. In this case, because Christian suffered three broken fingers under mysterious circumstances, the attending physician in the emergency room reported the injury to Los Angeles County of Department of Children and Family Services. This is always done out of an abundance of caution, and is done for the safety and well being of the child, always.”

While this may be a routine procedure, Adrienne and Paul’s messy divorce and the previous incident involving Christian will certainly be a red flag for CPS.

Following their split, there were accusations of physical abuse by each party, and Adrienne even claimed that Paul had been abusive to their children. However, she later agreed to a typical custody arrangement in which she has the boys during the week and they see their father on the weekends.

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UPDATE: According to a report on TMZ, both Adrienne and Paul have differing accounts on what happened to their son. One source claims that Adrienne told doctors that the injuries occurred when Paul and Christian were play fighting together on his time. Paul, on the other hand, claims that the incident happened at a school carnival while Christian was in the nanny’s care.