Adele releases music video for “Someone Like You”

Adelle still image from her Someone Like you music video

British chanteuse Adele has become one of the biggest musical stars on the planet thanks to her soulful vocals and masterfully crafted songs about heartbreak and loss. Amazingly she has reached the pinnacle of stardom as a woman in a sexualized industry that puts almost as much weight on dancing skills and how great you look in a bikini as actual talent.

The 23-year-old star continues her classy streak with a wonderfully shot video for the single “Someone Like You” which features Adele singing the song while walking the streets of Paris. The entire video is shot in grainy black and white in an ode to classic movies of the early 20th century. To say more seems silly – it’s all about the music and the atmosphere…

I’m guessing it’s the makeup but Adele’s features seem a bit more chiseled. Anyone else get that?

Love you Adele! I don’t wish you more heartache, but I do hope you continue making these beautiful songs!

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