90 Day Fiance Steven announces Olga’s K-1 visa approved on Christmas Eve

90 Day Fiance couple Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova got the best Christmas gift imaginable as they received word on Christmas Eve that Olga’s K-1 visa was approved!

Actually, it wasn’t just a great Christmas gift, but also the perfect birthday present for Steven, whose birthday is the day after Christmas. He shared the wonderful news on Instagram in the caption for a photo of himself with son Alex (more on the baby’s name change in a minute). “OLGA’S VISA APPROVED TODAY, DECEMBER 24th, 2018,” Steven wrote. “No words can describe how happy I am. My birthday is the 26th so its the best birthday present for me.”

Olga shared the good news as well with a gallery of Instagram pictures of her and their son. “Please pinch me because I still don’t understand what just happened and still don’t believe it,” she captioned the gallery, adding this long string of shocked and happy emoji: ?????????????

In addition to Steven’s photo, he also shared a brief video clip in his story. “Guys, you have no idea how happy this has just made me!” he says. “Olga’s visa was just approved right now, and she’ll be over here really soon! Wooooooo!”

The great news comes at a perfect time for Steven and Olgs, who have been inundated with negativity and criticism for his actions and attitude on the show, as well as the fact that they recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the expenses of bringing Olga over to the United States. (Both Steven and Olga decided to take a break from social media amidst the backlash tsunami, but they returned over the weekend — just in time for the K-1 news.)

Despite the negativity, the couple’s GoFundMe campaign appears to be doing really well, having already raised $4,000 of the $15,000 goal. Here is the description for the campaign, followed by the two updates posted by Steven:

Hi, This is Steven & Olga from 90 Day Fiancé. Drastic times call for drastic measures, as myself (Steven) am only 21 years old. Trying my hardest to get my life on the right track and I feel as if I’m doing a great job. But we face certain hardships; Olga will be unable to work for an extensive period of time, as for myself I just landed a job opportunity as a Fire Sprinkler Installer (Apprenticeship Program) the training is 4 years long. Starting out at $16 an hour isn’t the best but in the long run it’ll do us okay, I’ll get a raise every 6 months depending or how hard I work at this job (Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm) Currently i have registered for college and will fit my classes in with my work schedule, as this field will not be my career but school takes 8 years in the field I want. After apprenticeship I’ll be making $30-$35 an hour and that’s good for the age of 24. But $16 an hour isn’t enough to support a family of 3 as well as taking care of home bills, gas, etc. I’m very nervous on how things will play out but I have faith god will take matters into his own hands. I’m not asking for a lot, in a matter of fact I feel ashamed having to make this campaign but I must do what is best to support my family. Thank you for your consideration and have a happy holiday ❤️


Since people obviously have hate over a reality show and think I should work hard for my wife instead of asking for a little help. Let’s go over some things.

1. I live in Montgomery county, Maryland. (Most expensive county in Maryland.

2. Bills – Rent (Average rent a month on this county $2,000 a month, Utilities, Car insurance, Gas, Food, Diapers and clothes for our son, student LOANS since people think I have an advantage to college. It’s community college and hopefully I’ll be able to transfer. I can work my ass off my wife and I do. But I want time with my wife and son, no matter how much money you make in life, you’ll regret all the time you didn’t spend with you family because you were to busy focusing on paper. I’m only 20, I’m trying my best but I still need to be there for my family.

Help spread the word!


The page is doing better we hoped. We made a mutual agreement and to ensure you guys are donating for a good cause we are going to open a second account in my bank and put all of this money in the bank for Alex and everything he needs. We will not be spending this on our personal selfs! We appreciate every single one of you who are helping give our family a small head start! If you would like a personalized video from us both or only one of us just make an attempt to contact us. Thank you all and have a lovely Christmas and New Years from the Frend family ❤️

Steven also addressed the negativity in his Instagram story with this message:

People give hate for the go fund me page but how is [it] different from other cast members doing cameos for money when they don’t need it? We do need help and I won’t lie but come on be reasonable. If you don’t want to donate then don’t, keep it moving please.

If you are curious why Steven and Olga are now calling their son Alex instead of his given first name Richie — as they did while filming — Steven explained on Instagram. “A lot of people ask who is Alex ? well on the show since we named him Richie, that’s what we had to call him in the show,” Steven admits. “But it’s too hard for me to call him by my dad’s name so Olga and I call him by his middle name, Aleksandr — Alex.”

Congratulations to Steven and Olga! I know that viewers are not very supportive of Steven given how he has acted towards Olga this season, but I remain optimistic and hope that a lot of it was due to editing. And the bad parts that weren’t due to editing, I am hoping that Steven will be able to mature and change for the better. That being said, I’ve already reserved my ticket on the Steven hate train and I’m not afraid to get on board if he continues being an asshat.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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