90 DAY FIANCE Varya Malina loses Geoffrey Paschel visitation rights permanently

90 Day Fiance Varya Malina loses prison visitation rights to Geoffrey Paschel permanently

The unhappily ever after for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina somehow continues to get worse.

Geoffrey Paschel is currently in a Tennessee prison serving an 18-year sentence for aggravated kidnapping, assault and more. However, Varya has remained positive on social media as she occasionally makes the trip up to the Northeast Correctional Complex to visit her man.

Varya was anything but positive on Instagram earlier today when she revealed that her visitation rights have been permanently suspended!

“You will never believe what happened to me recently,” she wrote over an Instagram video clip of herself crying. She added a poll for her followers to select either “tell us” or “we know.”

I assume her followers opted for “tell us” because that is what Varya did. “My visitations were suspended permanently,” she wrote in the second of a long series of Instagram story posts. “When I tell you the reason, you’ll be shocked,” she added.

The next slide was a clip of Varya crying in bed. “That’s why I feel so broken and low as if a part of my my soul was torn out AGAIN,” she wrote.

“The only emotional support we had was stolen from us by the bias and the inhumane system,” she continued, along with a video of shirtless Geoffrey licking her face. “I abandoned my Instagram because I had zero energy to do anything, especially showing my vulnerability 😢”

Making matters worse, Varya revealed that she hoped to visit Geoffrey on her birthday, which is this Saturday.

Varya Malina cries over losing visitation rights to see Geoffrey Paschel in prison

Varya’s stories took a positive turn at this point as she revealed that her friends “came up with a rescue plan.” The rescue plan was for Varya to visit a salon and get Botox injections. The plan seemed to work as Varya brightened right up!

Varya Malina getting Botox

After getting some injections, Varya shared some live videos showing off her rejuvenated face. Eventually, she remembered Geoffrey and explained to her followers what happened that caused her to lose visitation rights.

Here’s Varya’s explanation:

I’m back and I’m ready to tell you why I can’t see Geoffrey any more. So, everywhere in Tennessee, they put those new X-ray body scanners which expose you to radiation.

I said I have health concerns about that and I offered to opt out, or strip search, or any alternative they have to this procedure. They said they don’t have any exclusions and I have to leave if I refuse to go through radiation.

Umm, they tried to convince me that it is harmless, which [is] not up to them to decide, it’s only my doctor could do that.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any doctor’s note with me, but I have it right now. Right after that happened I had an appointment with my doctor who gave me special note that I can’t go through this machine, but apparently it was too late. The warden didn’t want to even listen to my side of the story.

He said just: “You refused. You are permanently suspended.”

I wrote an email to a commissioner assistant and commissioner himself, but haven’t heard anything back.

In summary, “the bias and the inhumane system” took away Varya’s right to visit Geoffrey in prison because she refused to be X-rayed due to health concerns. She was very sad about this, but felt a little better for a while due to having a neurotoxic protein injected into her face.

Prior to Varya offering up her explanation, Geoffrey’s ex Shelby Bart, via the @asurvivorsplace Instagram account, revealed that she spoke with a prison rep who told her that Varya’s visitation rights were suspended because she refused a search, which does line up with what Varya stated.

Shelby was also told that the incident happened on January 7. (I spoke with a prison rep who was unable to share specific details with me, merely that Varya was indeed turned away.)

What’s odd is that Varya is a frequent air traveler, so it’s unclear if she somehow avoids the X-ray machines at the airports.

Regardless, it appears as though Varya may not be able to see Geoffrey in person for a long, long time. As we previously reported, his appeal is moving forward slowly. Based on the recent docket entries and similar appeals cases in Tennessee, it looks like the appellate court will likely make a decision some time around May or June of this year.

If Geoffrey’s conviction is upheld, he will be required to finish out his 18-year sentence with no chance of parole. According to the Tennessee Department of Corrections, Geoffrey is scheduled to be released in July of 2039, just shy of his 62nd birthday.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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