PHOTO 90 Day Fiance’s Danny and Amy expecting their first child

90 Day Fiance Danny Frishmuth Amy Africa pregnant

We are happy to share some really great news for fan-favorite 90 Day Fiance Season 2 sweethearts Danny Frishmuth and Amy Africa Frishmuth as the abstinent-until-marriage duo apparently figured things out and are now expecting their first child together!

The 90 Day Fiance Facebook page shared the photo of pregnant Amy above and captioned it, “Amy and Danny are ecstatic to announce that they’re expecting their first child! Amy is already glowing and looking so beautiful with her baby bump.”

Amy and Danny spoke with Us Weekly about the pregnancy. “We are so excited to start a family,” they revealed. “We have a couple of names in mind, but we want to wait until we meet him in person!” The site reveals that the baby is a boy and is due next month!!!

90 Day Fiance Danny and Amy

As a brief refresher, Danny and Amy are both devout Christians and met while studying abroad at Australia’s Hillsong International Leadership College, a Christian institution with a heavy emphasis on ministry, worship and creativity. “We’re both serious Christians,” Danny said in his casting video, “meaning that our lives are wrapped up in ministry.”

Danny proposed to Amy prior to her leaving Australia to return home to South Africa, and she accepted. Keeping in line with their religious beliefs, Danny and Amy agreed to remain abstinent until married. She flew to rural Pennsylvania where Danny lived and the two married on July 11, 2014 at Frog Hollow Farm in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. (Click the link for LOTS of photos.)

Along with the pregnancy announcement, the 90 Day Fiance page shared this video clip featuring Danny and Amy post-honeymoon revealing that they didn’t regret their abstinence decision and that it was “worth the wait:”

Congratulations to Danny and Amy! They seemed so genuinely kind-hearted and so genuinely in love! Reality show romance happy endings are relatively rare, so it’s always a wonderfully pleasant thing to see love win out. 🙂

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