90 DAY FIANCE Matt & Alla welcome baby girl Emmalyn

90 Day Fiance Matt and Alla baby girl

The 90 Day Fiance family continues to grow! In the past month we have received lots of 90 Day Fiance baby news, including Robert and Anny announcing that she is pregnant, another baby on the way for Before the 90 Days couple Paul and Karine Staehle, and the arrival of Loren and Alexei’s baby boy Shai Josef Brovarnik. Now we can add another little bundle of joy to the list as 90 Day Fiance Season 4 couple Matt Ryan and Alla Fedoruk just welcomed their daughter Emmalyn!

Alla made the announcement on Instagram on Saturday. “Welcome to this Wonderful World My Sweet Precious Girl 💕🎀,” Alla wrote. She then revealed that their daughter is named Emmalyn Grace Ryan and she arrived on Wednesday, April 29.

Emmalyn will be joining her 12-year-old big brother Max from Alla’s previous relationship. Fans may recall that Alla is Matt’s fourth wife, and Matt is Alla’s second husband. It seems the couple’s “if at once you don’t succeed, try, try again” mentality has really paid off as they have remained married nearly four years and are now expanding their family together.

“We’re Expecting!!!” Matt gleefully exclaimed along with a pregnancy announcement photo of himself and Alla posted to Instagram on February 12. “So excited to share this experience with my amazingly awesome wife…Alla.”


In addition to sharing the experience with his amazingly awesome wife, Matt and Alla are also sharing the experience with fans by being part of TLC’s new 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined series.

“This has been a real trying time for me,” Matt says during their recent appearance, after revealing that he was forced to quarantine away from Alla for a period of time. “To finally have a kid and I don’t even get to enjoy all the time watching baby girl grow, and going through all the different emotions with my wife, Alla, because I’m quarantined. I’m stuck here at the office. This whole pandemic hitting at the same time as she’s — right when she’s about to deliver, it’s been real frustrating.”

Alla filmed herself from the couple’s beautiful home and revealed that Matt had been quarantined for two weeks at that point. “It’s a hard time. We miss each other,” Alla says. “I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I think that’s why I’m super protective about myself and the baby. The current situation in the world is definitely scary … I just want to trust that everything will be good. I try to get rid of these thoughts and just stay positive.” [Clip included below.]

CONGRATULATIONS to Matt an Alla! Both on their new arrival, and on their successful marriage! These two are one of the poster couples for 90 Day Fiance franchise success stories. Both of them had bad luck in prior relationships, and managed to connect online thousands of miles apart and eventually create a family together. It’s really amazing!

I will wrap up this post with a few clips of Matt and Alla from TLC followed by some recent photos posted by the couple. The first video is a throwback to their season with a clip of Matt’s family questioning Alla’s intentions. Next is a 90 Day Fiance: What Now? clip featuring Matt and Alla from 2017. Finally, there is a clip from the couple’s recent appearance on Self-Quarantined:

And here are lots of amazing photos of Matt and Alla taken throughout Alla’s pregnancy:

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