90 DAY FIANCE Ash Naeck explains ‘Why women are the way they are’

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Ash Naeck dating seminar

On tonight’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Avery Warner attends a dating seminar hosted by her Australian relationship coach boo Ash Naeck. Avery and a small audience of all women (and eventually millions of TV viewers) are treated to Ash’s attempts to explain the differences between men and women — which doesn’t go well. At all.

“I really hope that seeing Ash with his clients gives me a little bit more reassurance that his intentions are in the right place when it comes to working with single women,” Avery tells the cameras the night before the seminar. However, after watching Ash conduct his seminar, Avery’s concern seems to shift from his intentions with his single female clients to his ideas about women.

“A woman, when there’s something small, it tends to get really big,” Ash explains to the eight women (including Avery) in attendance at the seminar. “And for a man, our brain is working very different,” Ash further reveals.

The scene quickly begins to rival Jesse Meester’s nursing home motivational speaking tour scene as the most cringe-worthy seminar footage ever shown on a 90 Day Fiance show. “My impression of Ash is he’s quite out of his depth,” one attendee tells TLC cameras.

Ash claims to be an expert at understanding what women are thinking, and that certainly appears to be true as he realizes that the women in the audience are thinking he has no idea what he is talking about. “Sorry guys, I just need a moment,” he tells the audience before exiting with Avery.

“I f***ed up,” he says as he leaves, Avery trailing behind:

Before the 90 Days Avery's boyfriend Ash Naeck seminar I effed up

Unfortunately, all I have seen at the time of this post is the first half of the new episode, so I am unaware if Ash returns and somehow manages to redeem himself.

As most everyone who takes any sort of stage is probably aware, anyone can have a bad day and a bad performance. So, I thought I would share some of Ash’s insights into men and women from his Instagram account. Clearly, he had lots of time to think and edit what he wanted to say, so I feel this is a more accurate representation of his perception of the differences.

The posts were shared on Ash’s Instagram in two parts under the title “Why Women are the way they are?” I should point out that these insights are from early 2018, so his thought may have changed over the past two years.) I will now hand the podium over to our featured speaker, Mr. Ash Naeck…


Why Women are the way they are? Part 1

Women 🤔

I have nothing, I can’t explain this phenomenon, it’s a mystery!! Haha I sure have your attention now. Women are no wonder amazing. Their smile, their eyes, the way they walk never goes unnoticed to the opposite sex.

However, even with all the above qualities, we men will reach a point in our relationship where we will entertain the following thought, “why are women so difficult to live with sometimes?” Same goes the other way but for now let’s dive in the psychology and biology of the female brain.

Women are like the weather (let me make sure I’m still in one piece, yup still alive pfff let’s keep going). They can’t easily control their emotions. Sometimes they are the sun, bright, positive, attractive, happy and loveable and at other times they are as wild as a tornado, grumpy, irritated, upset and ready to cause havoc.

Just making sure am still in one piece yup sweet. I have a garlic necklace, I came well prepared 😁. You may be wondering well that’s all great but how will this help us men to understand women. I hear you, so to get a grasp of what is needed, lets run through the following scenario


-No food in the pantry

-Woman is hungry

-No food=Blood sugar level drops

-Woman’s ability to think is drastically reduced

-Thoughts are foggy

-Woman gets all irritated and irrational

-No fuel available to produce serotonin in brain

-Mode: Mortal Combat “The End of Men”


BOOM!!!!!!! Men you are toast. Literally

Well not really once you understand the biology behind all this and what they expect from their men

To be continued in the next post. Stay tuned #relationshipgoals #emotional #relationship

Why women are the way they are? Part 2

If you’ve read part 1 of this article you will now understand that women have a hard time controlling their emotions. And and… they are “NOT TO BLAME”. Yes, they are “Not To Blame”

Gents hear me out. The reason for covering the “no food” scenario is to simply bring to your (man) attention that any stressful disruption in the females environment whether it is internal or external can cause a biological interference in her brain.


For example a drop in blood sugar levels in women is 2 to 3 times more drastic than that of a man. This is quite serious information for us men to understand as this drop has some intense consequences on a womens ability to function rationally. The above causes a shut down of serotonin (known as the happy hormone) production in the hippocampus which is responsible for memory. It will be followed by an increase of blood in this particular part of the brain. This increased blood flow to the hippocampus can trigger an emotional response based on passed negative or emotionally charged experiences.

So picture this:

Gf: upset and cranky

Bf: responds with the following “get over it”

Gf: gets even more upset and this leads to high stress level.

Gf: connects thoughts to emotion and starts feeling overwhelmed and past feelings comes to surface

Bf: tries to tell her how she should feel and to let it go

Gf: loses her sh*t

Bf: is dead

A typically scenario in this neuro-chemically driven state would be a women remembering every little detail of the past and bringing them back up to surface. These details are likely to be past and present ones

The above scenario is a recipe for disaster if the situation is not handled effectively by us gentlemen.

Such is the beauty of a womens mind and the storm that may emanate from the same gorgeous mind if you don’t understand how to deal with the situation.

It’s fun to be a man right 🙂 Stay tuned more delicious information coming your way soon. #relationship #men #women #relationshipgoals

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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