Mug shot photos of 2 Chainz and 10 others arrested after OK tour bus stand off

2 Chainz Tauhed Epps mug shot photo from 2013 Oklahoma City tour bus arrest

Rapper 2 Chainz and ten others were arrested early this morning after their tour bus was stopped by police in Oklahoma City right around midnight. The bus was stopped for a busted tail light, but officers reportedly noticed “signs of drug use.” Cops asked the men to exit the bus and they refused, demanding a search warrant. The locked bus (with the men still in it) was towed to the police training center while officers went through the process of getting a search warrant. The warrant was obtained around 9AM, at which point the eleven men (including 2 Chainz) exited the bus and were arrested for misdemeanor complaints of obstruction.

Here is a video of the men getting out of the police van and entering the police station for booking:

All eleven men arrested have since been released. Here is a video of 2 Chainz, 32, and his crew getting out in which reporters ask the rapper for a statement, but his response is simply announcing he is about to give them the finger (aka “Big ol boys”)(which he does) and then he talks about his new album coming out. (My favorite part is when a reporter can be heard asking, “What does he prefer to go by? Mr. Chainz?”)

And here’s a screen cap of 2 Chainz getting out:

2 Chainz released after arrest in Oklahoma City

If you watch the clip through to the end you can hear one of the men (not 2 Chainz) respond to a reporter asking them how they were treated by saying, “They treated us sh!tty.” The reporter then asks, “What did they do to you?” and the man says, “Abused our rights.” The reporter asks, “What kind of rights?” But there is no answer.

2 Chainz took to Twitter soon after being released to express his frustration:

Too blessed too stress

Don’t ask me ask OKC police department what they found on the bus,,,,u won’t get an answer because nuthn was found

This sh!t will make u go crazy , our bus gets pulled 1 a week and they always say I smell weed I need to search ur bus. Sht gets tiring

NYC I’m on the way ……#MEtime

2 Chainz is headed to New York City (more specifically, Brooklyn) because he is scheduled to appear at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

Lil Wayne, who was on the Oklahoma City concert billing with 2 Chainz and T.I., seemed to either be philosophical about the situation, or just plain pessimistic with his tweet:

Police have since released the names and mug shot photos of those arrested, including 2 Chainz (real name Tauheed Epps) whose latest mug shot photo can be seen above.

Here are the rest of those arrested with the mug shot photo and his name underneath:

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Cedric Brooks mug shot
21-year-old Cedric Brooks

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Abdullah Mujahid mugshot
52-year-old Abdullah Mujahid

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Rory Smith mugshot
43-year-old Rory Smith

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Jermaine Simister mugshot
36-year-old Jermaine Simister

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Stethen Boykin mugshot
29-year-old Stethen Boykin

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Jack Brown mugshot
32-year-old Jack Brown

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Marshall Sudderth mugshot
26-year-old Marshall Sudderth

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Robert Jordan mugshot
38-year-old Robert Jordan

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Leon Smith mugshot
36-year-old Leon Smith

2 Chainz tour bus arrest Bryan Gathii mugshot
28-year-old Bryan Gathii

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