16 & Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson-Rendon giving rehab another try

The last word we had on 16 & Pregnant’s Ebony Jackson-Rendon was that she and husband Josh were on the right path to cleaning up their lives and regaining custody of their daughter Jocelyn. In fact, today is the day that Ebony and Josh were scheduled to appear in court to find out about possibly regaining custody.

If you’ll remember, their daughter was taken in to custody by CPS due mainly to the untenable living conditions of their home. The official police report included citing that floors, walls and clothing were covered in human and dog feces. They since had cleaned up their act, literally, and were granted visitation for 2-hours, twice a week.

Now Radar via Star Magazine is reporting that Ebony has checked herself into rehab. The source is a pretty darn reliable one being that this information is coming from Ebony’s father, Anthony Jackson, Sr. Following their initial arrest Ebony spent one week in rehab but her father feels it wasn’t nearly enough:

“They put her on medication and released her, and I didn’t feel you can give her help in a week’s time and then she’s better. She needs to continue getting help.”

Ebony was pregnant for a 2nd time but lost her child due to an ectopic pregnancy. Following this sad event Ebony stated that she had thoughts of suicide and was using marijuana to, “self harm.”

We’re wishing the best for Ebony as she continues to work at bettering herself for the sake of her daughter.

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